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I called Dish Network with a technical issue and the gentleman I gave my account number to could not speak English. I tried to communicate with him, but I never knew what he was saying to me.

He then transferred me to his supervisor, she could not speak English, (I still don't know her first name and she told me 10 times), but I did give her the information she needed to get my call to the technical dept.

When I finally got to the technical guy and after 10 minutes of trying to understand him I hung up, and never got my service. :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize that you were unable to understand the information that was being given. We do have several centers located within the US, however keep in mind that we are an equal opportunity employer.

Some times it may be difficult to understand someone with an accent that differs from yours, whether they are located in the US or not. Because we make every effort to give you information needed if you are unable to get that it successfully over the phone you can always visit us online.


They have call centers in the USA including Colorado. They do speak ENGLISH.

Sounds like you got those idiots at the Orange call center over seas. The employees for Dish Network are mistreated all the time by upper management.

It is the customer that gets the workers in trouble, The workers try to help you and then you back stab them by not rating your experience on that days experience. Like who cares what 3 years ago whEn they are asking BOUT TODAYS CALL?

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