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Update by user Nov 01, 2012

In my case.. I owned the DVR so there was no dues..

and I personnally asked if there was any thing due when last called and they have said no the account is clear. Not even once I was told instead we(Dish Network) owes money to you) and we will refund..

Any way..

I did got my check. I had to ask for the refund...

Original review posted by user Oct 01, 2012

Just want it know if you have received same like my complains.

I use to pay dish network from one of my banks account (auto pay where u receive e-statement.)

I disconnected my dish network service couple months back. Somehow I have paid little bit over and my account had a balance of (-8.88.) The dish owed me money.

But I was never told . .waited two months to see if they will send me a refund…. Never did..

I had to call in to get my refund..I asked why u still kept my money, and there was no answer.

Thanks - Arifan

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Your post caught my attention as I found it interesting and wanted to help! If you could please email me your account number, I'd be happy to have a look at what's going on! My email address is and I look forward to speaking with you and getting this resolved!


Usually this is due to equipment return fees or early termination fees. Makes it easier if some of the money is already there as a credit...

For Dish.

Never really believed in that policy though. But I'd say a lot more companies do this than you'd think.

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