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Dish Network Trespassed on my Home, and Drilled into my Brand New Roof to install equipment.

I am Not a Dish Network Customer! I did not give them permission! Dish did not ask me.

They Voided the warranty on my new roof.

Dish not only Trespassed, not only Ruined My Roof, Dish Is Using My Roof to send TV to a Stranger!

Dish runs its business so that they are not responsible for what they do. They have layer upon layer of contractors and sub-sub-contractors who do everything, so they are not responsible.

The Customer Service Supervisor told me a Dish customer can order the dish installed where ever they want it. Another rep told me that since the dish is on my property, it is mine and my problem.

I used an executive's email list for complaints from the internet. A rep called me. Then they all ignored me.

Now a little rep in Colorado says they will repair my roof. My roof must be restored to brand new by the roofer who installed it. Only he can reinstate the warranty.

I want compensation for the trespass and for using my home for their business.

Is this still America? Can a big rich company just walk up and take your property for their business?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

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Have you had any luck I'm in a similar situation and would like to have some feed back


To Rob, Dec 31, 2011.

Yes, the dish belongs to you, if you subscribed.

You should have it taken off due to the risk of wind ripping it off and damaging your roof.

Go to Angie's List to find a roofer to do the job. Interview several. They won't charge much.

My roofer took the dish off my roof and repaired the roof in 10 minutes.

Dish paid my roofer in the end. You'll find a roofer who won't charge much and will fix the roof and you can sleep easily knowing your roof is OK.

You don't want a Dish Network lackey ripping around on your roof anyhow.

Keep the dish forever to remind you of signing contracts without knowing the details.

The dish brings $5 on eBay.

Best regards,

Happy New Year!

Greensboro, Pennsylvania, United States #400750

How about all the consumers who have fullfilled their contracts and have shipped the "required" equipment at our expense to Dish only to have the dish remain on our homes? I for one do not want to advertise for a company I no longer use.

If you call Dish to have it removed they refuse.

So now millions of people have "gargage" on top of their roofs. My home is a 2 story, I dont have the tools or the physical ability to remove the dish, so now it's removal cost is MY responsibility???????????


The dish is now off my roof.

Thanks to this site for the opportunity to draw attention to my problem with Dish Network.

Thank to subscribers for your comments. Comments and problems on this site come up on Google searches.

Dish Network agreed to pay my roofer to remove the dish and bring my damaged roof back to new warranted condition.

This company acted promptly because I was able to make the problem public.

No one is little and helpless when public access is available.

Sincere thanks to all of you.


I guess you can go to small claims court. I would hold on to all documentation (especially if there is a police report) and e-mails for your case. My bet is that once they start getting bad publicity over this (especially if you can get a news piece done on it) they may quietly take care of you.


You are so kind to comment on this.

My damages, $800, don't amount to enough to hire an attorney. I would have to pay more than that for legal fees. For an attorney to take a case like this on a contingency, it would have to be over $5,000.

The police dept offered to come out to make a damage report. I called them first. They said it is just a mistake. I might still have them come out to document that the dish is there.

No one doubts that.

My best course of action is this. I will tell everyone who will listen what this big rich company does to run its business. It uses bullying, giving wrong information, blaming everyone else, and avoiding responsibility to divert responsibility from itself.

I am grateful for a place to tell this story to the world.

My local TV station has taken a slight interest in my situation. I have contacted every media outlet I can think of.

As I said, someone emailed me today and told me to stop bothering Dish Network president, Dave Krupka,with CCs of my emails to Dish Network. I am too annoying for him. Mr Krupka, cannot be bothered with the damages his company does to the little people.

Once I got a personal response from President George Bush regarding misapplied tax payments, but Mr. Krupka is too grand and important to concern himself with this.

This company does not value or respect the public it tries to sell to.

It would have taken this company half a day to step up and fix this. They would rather fight an old lady in Kansas.


I would strongly recommend that prior to you accepting any offer from them to repair your roof, you consult an attorney. Do not "sign away" your rights once you agree to any terms.

If you do and have problems later, they can invoke the "hold harmless" clause and not pay anything else should future problems arise. You have a legitimate claim and they know it (which explains why they are ignoring you...they are trying to limit their liability). Stay calm. Stay focused.

And then take them to court. Don't let the fact that they are a large corporation. My guess is that once you file they will stall up until the court date then settle.

It is very expensive for them to defend these type of cases. I would also add that you should think about talking with your local authorities to see if they can have these folks cited for trespass or other criminal activity.


Thank you for your comment.

The tenant next door ordered Dish Service. I found that out later. My home is one side of a duplex. I don't own the other side.

I think because I am poor and have a little home, that Dish Network thinks they can take what they want from me.

Dish Network wanted me to have the neighbor do something. They are poorer than I am. They did not climb on my roof to drill it.

The landlord next door does not allow tenants to install things on his side of the roof either.

Dish Network can take this up with their customer if they want him to pay for my roof after they fix it.

I expected someone at Dish Network to say "sorry" and fix my new roof.

I have email addresses for executives. I am cc:ing all of them when I communicate.

Today, someone told me to Stop Emailing a Dish Network Executive.

They are bullying me again.

They are making this into a big production rather than paying to put my roof back in its new condition.

I sent them the estimate from the roofer who installed the roof. Only he can reinstate the warranty. I will not allow a "patch" on my roof. I want my warranty back as it was.

I was told that the "local office" is "considering" my claim.

The roof was installed just hours before they trespassed and drilled it.

This little home is all I have. I have to protect it.


OMG! What a nightmare.

Did they just get the address wrong? Where did the wiring and cable connections lead to?


Thank you for your comment.

It will cost nearly $800 to restore the roof to its new condition to get the warranty reinstated.

Dish Network drilled into my new, high quality roof only hours after it was installed. A hail storm had ruined it. I went through a long process to get the roof.

Dish Network is in Colorado. I am in Kansas. It is complicated and expensive to sue an out of state corporation. If I got a judgment locally, how would I collect it?

Plus, It is vastly unfair for a poor individual to have to sue a $1 Billion business that has, in effect, taken private property for its own use without permission.

I will not permit any one but the roofer who installed the roof to get on it.

I spent hours and days trying to get through to someone in responsibility.

Dish reps blamed me. They blamed the customer who might have ordered it.

Dish local General Manager would not speak to me. His employee stated he did not know who installed it. Through her, he promised to email me but did not.

I phoned the corporate office 3 times twice I was put on permanent hold. The third time, I was transferred to a line with the rapid "beep beep".

They even wanted me to prove the dish was there at all. I guess the thing in the photo might have been a card board one I climbed up and pasted on my roof, just so I could get to be put on hold forever.

I had to find a list of corporate executive emails to get a response.

The call I got was to "discuss" the problem, not to solve it.

I have gotten some interest from a local news program.

Now I am getting a sort of a commitment to repair my roof.

They have been using my home for their business for over a month.

I did not see the dish right away. It is not visible from the front.

I was having eye surgeries. I did not go all the way out in my back yard and look to the top of my 2 story house until my second eye was fixed and I could see well.

They tried to blame me for not seeing it. I think they were about to say the dish should stay because I did not see it right away.

Is there a stronger word for Pissed?

If anyone has a similar problem. I have a list of names and phone numbers.

I kept and am keeping a detailed log.


It's simple. Have it fixed, then file a small claims lawsuit against them as well as a police report for vandalisim.

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