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Do not trust the sales persons or phone customer representatives when considering Dish. Their contract clauses a predatory and fraudulent.

The website advertises penalty charges of $20 dollars for each outstanding month of your contract. However, what they do not tell you is that such fee applies only for TV services. If you have "bundled" services, you will pay a "per service" termination fees; I was just charged $600.00 for 15 months of early termination. On top of that, the early termination kit is subject to taxes and other fees.

I entered into this contract based on a recommendation of a friend. Please do yourself a favor a research the company in detail before you decide to commit to a contract. I decided to switch to Time Warner Cable with no contract or termination fees, received home phone service with my new bundle and upto three times more mbps for Internet service for less money.

Dish Networks is a ripoff and they make it very hard on you to get out of contracts.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I would recommend reading a contract before you sign it.


Hahahahahaha. "They make it very hard on you to GET OUT OF CONTRACTS".

Yea think?

If you had a contract with somebody, and they wanted to break that contract and would cause you to lose a significant amount of money, would you make it easy for them to "get out of the contract"? This is nothing less than asinine.

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