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1. I have been a Dish Network customer for 12 years.

2. I live in both Oregon and California.

3. When in Oregon I have Dish add local Oregon Channels, but when I spend time in California I have Dish remove Oregon local channels and add California local channels. They charge a fee for adding and removing although they have waived the fee on occasion.

4. When Television stopped transmitting an analog signal, I purchased a digital TV and when I was in California I did not add local channels but received most of them. However, as it was unreliable because of the distance I live from the transmitters, I finally asked Dish to add the local California channels. They did, and they charged me a fee.

5. In a few days I started getting a message stating that I was not authorized to receive this (local) channel. The message would disappear, the channel would work fine for a few minutes and the message would re-appear.

6. I called Dish and they would tell me that I need to pay a monthly maintenance fee of $15 or I would have to pay $95 for a service call. I would ask to speak to a supervisor and in short order the problem was corrected.

7. This lasted a day or two and I would have to call again, get the same demand for a $15 monthly maintenance fee, talk to a supervisor and have my local channel problem resolved.

8. I made seven calls in three weeks. Finally I refused to pay the additional maintenance charge.

9. I believe that they are using the congressional legislation that change analog to digital to obtain additional fees called a maintenance service plan. This is their equipment. It has been for twelve years. I should not have to pay to service their equipment.

10. I do not object to a program fee, but the maintenance fee is clearly fraudulent. They have total control of the signal. Whatever the supervisors did to establish a signal is proof of this control.

11. Generally when there is a technical problem, a service technician troubleshoots the problem. When I called, there was no trouble-shooting, merely a demand that I pay for a maintenance program.

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize it took several calls to get this corrected. We do not have control over the signal in most cases. You may have been having this issue due to the new laws in place that require us to only provide local service based on you zip code. It is possible that your physical address had not been updated when you were back at that location.

The agents you spoke to may have not noticed this and after trouble shooting over the phone may have assumed that a tech was needed to come out to see what was going on. Without looking at your account I can not tell you for sure, but I can assure you if we were able to correct it over the phone we would have made every effort to do so. It may seem like we wanted to send a tech out but keep in mind it costs DISH Network a lot more to send out a tech than we charge. When you have equipment leased through us it is still under warranty and we cover the cost to replace the equipment if needed.

If a technician is required to make a home visit there is a charge for that but we will not charge you any additional fees to replace the equipment if needed. Because we understand it may be difficult for customers we do offer a service plan to help with this cost. Our service plan is like no other company out there. We have taken the needs of our customers and created a resolution for them through our service plan.

Our service plan is available at any time even if you already have an existing issue. Our goal is to provide customers satisfaction.

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