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Yesterday I recieved a call from ERS collections saying I have an overdue account for Dish Network services from Kansas City, KS dating back to 2010. The amount over due is $795. I called Dish shortly after speaking with the collections agency. Dish couldn't initially find my account until I provided my social security number (Risky). To set the record, I've never lived in Kansas, have never visited Kansas, don't know anyone in Kasas and I've never had Dish services nor will I given this horrific illustration of negliegence. Ok... after bouncing through their horrible phone tree I finally got to the fraud department. They confirmed the account but wouldn't tell me anything about it. Basically absolved themselves of any wrong doing and said I need to file an Avadavit of Identity Theft with the FCC, get a police report, copy of my DL and fax even more information to a company that has clearly messed screwed up protecting this consumer's privacy. After taking that information, I got an online credit report and found out there are actually two fraudulent Dish Network accounts in my name, both in 2010, the one in Kansas and another in Pennsylvania. I call Dish's fraud team back again, this time I'm throroughly beside myself and say that this is a Dish specific issue and clearly the fraud is something internal at Dish. You've created to fraudulent accounts in my name in City/States where I've never lived, never visited or even know people. What are you going to do to fix your Dish issue? They basically pushed all back to me, referencing again the labor intensive paper pushing exercise above.

From my current perspective and reading account of similar issues online, it is fair to say that Dish is knowingly creating false accounts in an attempt to steal money from people who would probably just pay the fees to get off collections rather than deal with the painful paper pushing exercise as noted above. I will be submitting a claim with the BBB and FCC because I've not had any other identity theft issues besides these two fraudulent accounts with Dish. Very suspect behaviour by Dish and one that I think the FCC and the BBB should take very seriously. I smell Class Action Lawsuit... . Any lawyer out there want a huge pay day??????

I've read others report they have tried to do the fraud resolution steps to no avail... I'm very concerned and scared about sending Dish more private and personal information about me just to clear up their negliegence. I think Dish should resolve this themselves with a simple call to the collection agencies to remove the requests and admit they F@#$% up...

Thank you for hearing me vent. Hopefully someone from Dish will see this and help me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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DanB@Dish Network

Hello, this is Dan Busa with DISH Social Media. I'm sorry to hear that you've had to deal with this issue. Account fraud is an issue we take extremely seriously. We have several security restrictions in place to prevent multiple fraudulent accounts from being opened in one person's name. Unfortunately, this does still occur from time to time. I understand that following the process we've provided you can be difficult but it is the most thorough and will help prevent this from recurring. Please email me at: for further information on this.

Daniel Busa

Social Media Representative


Tuesday-Saturday 2:45-11:15 PM MST

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