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Our daughter worked at a Dish Network call center in Tulsa, OK. They constantly harassed her about spending more time with each caller- (ie.

use the canned speech and ask if there is snow on the dish when it's 80 degrees outside). While dealing with her ex-husband- who showed up with a gun at her residence- and he got arrested, they wouldn't let her have time off to deal with that. Our daughter was also expected to lie to customers about their account info. and when customers wanted to down grade, was expected to upsell them to additional programming.

IF YOU LIKE ENTERTAINMENT AND WANT TO BE LIED TO AND SCREWED- watch Dish network. They just fired her because she wouldn't conform to their CROOKED PRACTICES. When her supervisor noticed that programming was removed at customers request, he would go back into those accounts and reverse the changes. When Charlie Ergen was CEO this *** didn't happen.

These new policies took effect when the new (dirtbag) CEO took over.

DISH SUCKS- be warned. Do not work for them- ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #833031

Hello. My name is Patrick and I work with a DirecTV sales team.

We do free installation for our HD/DVR genie up to four rooms. 40 bucks a month basic package for all the upgraded wireless equipment. Add 6 bucks per TV. First TV no charge.

2 year contract bill goes up 20 bucks after first year. Text or call 404-694-4788 and I will help you get out of the dish problem.

Also, you will get a 200$ gift card and an additional 10$ a month off every bill bc I refer my customers to the previous person I signed up. Lemme know so I can help.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #829566

Get a life dude

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