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I am complaining about the very poor customer service I have recieved from Dish Network, I bought all the equipment and after reading about Dish Network in an RV mag. decided to give it a try, we paid thirty five dollars for nothing, they made several appointments with us to come and help us figure out how to set up the satellite and use it in our RV, they never showed up once. When I called they gave me the run around as to problems and such, so beware all you RVers out there don't use Dish Network, they have lousy customer service and no knowledge regarding RV hookups or service.

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Just wait till you get your dish hooked up, the customer service gets even worse. They disconnected the toll free numbers for dish for my rv support where you used to get someone who spoke good English and actually knew about their RV program.

Now you have to call the normal dish number where you speak to someone in China. They are clueless about the RV service. Today I got them to admit they didn't know what an RV was.

She kept asking me what the physical address of the RV was. Wish I had gone with Direct TV now.

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