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Dish is notifying customers that they are required to upgrade to a new receiver and that their old receiver will no longer be supported. This upgrade is "free". You must return the old receiver. They make no allowances for the fact that I will lose approximately 140 hours of recorded TV that I have not had time to watch. This represents most of the last two months. They have no way to transfer all the timers (more than 50).

Here is the real surprise. After talking to two different people on the phone and then the supervisor, I finally found that that after the free upgrade, I could either pay $10 a month for some HD programming I don't want or $7 a month if I refuse to pay for programming I don't want.

To me, this goes well beyond bad customer service and into the space of either unethical or possibly illegal. And, had I not complained about this vigorously, I probably wouldn't have found out about the hidden charge for NOT watching HD until the first bill came.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

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To Marsha: Sounds like you might have an earlier version of the DVR, or there may be a problem with the recording software. To avoid paying for a replacement, I recommend going into the system settings and finding the standby timer, or the timer which causes the box to go into standby mode after 4 hours of inactivity.

You can turn this off without damaging the box or severely affecting the amount of power the box draws. That way it will record all your programs without the floating standby message.


I was given the free upgrade also--it was to "fix" a problem I was having, but it didnt fix it.

Worse yet, I cant prerecord anymore with my

VCR/DVD recorder now because of the *** logo that first appears where you then press SELECT to get a channel. All that is prerecorded is the logo!! Also, after midnight watching tv for extended period, it will revert to the stationary logo. Dont

fall asleep...not good for your tv to stay on a stationary graphic for too long-could do damage. Got no help from Dish. I feel railroaded.

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