Asher, Oklahoma

It is a disgrace that your company is dropping Fox News channel over an increase of rates. You cannot put a dollar value on the impact Fox News has on our nation by providing us with a balanced presentation of news coverage.

It is a choice that subscribing customers should have. You allow a customer to pay for a premium channel (like HBO or SHowtime) which allows immoral values into our home but we don't have the option to choose conservative news coverage at our discretion? If you choose to take the path of a tyrant and force us to only have channels of YOUR choice, I don't believe you are making this decision to "protect" your customers.

Please choose to continue carrying Fox News Channel. It could be the one thing that prevents the downfall of your company as many subscribers will be changing dish providers in protest of this greedy decision on your part.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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