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Like most here I've been a good customer of Dish Network L.L.C. for a number of years. Two years ago we moved from the big city to the deep woods. Retirement and the apprehension of the coming mass hysteria of the impending US crash. The cities are the worst place to be when the stores stop receiving goods. You know food etc.

We over the years have been abused by Dish Network via billing fraud etc. One fraud is $5.00 a month for not having a phone line. I don't need a phone so why pay big bucks for something I'd never use except Dish requires it. They say to update your equipment periodically. That isn't true, they do the update/upgrades in the down link data stream. I'm an Electronics Engineer having worked in the Microwave and other RF field for over 45 years.

During our move I requested they take care of the antenna move as advertised. The stories I listened to were various but the out come is it didn't happen for over three weeks that we were paying our monthly fee for service we were not receiving.

I got fed up with it and removed the antenna from the old place, "I still own it unfortunately" and installed it at the new location.

It worked just fine even right through Hurricane Ike while on emergency power. Yes I do that too. No not the dinky little 3 to 7 KW cheapo generator at Lowes.

In April, 2010 we started getting notices on screen that the service was pending interruption due to none payment of the bill. We looked and our records showed we sent the payment in time that it should have been recorded at leas a week before.

So we waited to see the results, "as I became more angry every day seeing the warnings on screen."

On about April 5 through 10 of 2010 the service was indeed interrupted.

I called CS, "Crappy Service/Corporate Scam etc" and was informed I could use a check and give them the info needed for an instant debit of approximately $89.00 from my account and the service would be back on in a couple of hours.

At this point I was ready to kill someone!

The conversation continued until I told them I'd done this with them several years ago at which time I allowed them to debit my account. I never saw credit for that debit, "NEVER."

So I told them since I've been in this condition with them before and that the last time I was informed by CS that the problem was my insisting on paying by check because checks are not always handled expeditiously and that it would be much better if I just let them debit my account.

They even stated that probably my check was in house but they couldn't do anything about it as it was Accounting departments job.

At that point I told them to just stick it where the Sun does not shine and I'd just do without rather than ever let them or anyone else debit my account. I told them I would just call the competitor and try them. Mysteriously the service came back on in about fifteen minutes. During the 15 minutes from the phone call until the service came on I had contacted my bank and stopped payment of the check.

They called me to let me know the service was back on and I told them too bad, too late good bye.

The service went back off in less than three minutes.

I wrote them a very nasty letter, sent it via certified mail. Basically I sent them a letter including an invoice for charges for my moving the antenna, recovery of moneys paid for service not delivered and a warning that if their equipment is still on my property in thirty days I will start billing for storage.

A couple weeks later UPS arrived with an empty box for me from Dish to send their equipment back. They want me to remove the LMB from the antenna and pack the equipment for them.

Excuse me, I paid you to bring it out now you want me to do the labor for you to send it back?


A week or so after my letter to them I received a call from a Mr. Jon Burks with Dispute Resolutions of Dish Network.

He repeatedly ask *** questions that I repeatedly told him is in the letter he has from and he referenced the call about.

Finally I just gave up! He is wasting my time and Cell Phone minutes. Nope I still do not have a telephone in my house. Not going to. Don't need it and would be wasting money for something not used.

I received a letter some month and a half later from a Credit Collection agency demanding payment for the bill and $10.00 stop payment fee as well as $300.00 for the equipment still in my possession. Total bill $466.96.

I'll pay that when *** freezes over.

I've contacted my Attorney, she says just keep all the letter.

When it shows up on my Credit report I'll own a corrupt corporation.

From the documentation it appears the credit collection agency is in fact a part of Dish Network.

As Dish bills one month in advance I actually have paid them in full. I just didn't pay them the next month in advance so they terminated my service.

THANKS FOR SMALL FAVORS DISH. I have made another choice and from the service I'm getting now I wish I'd done it years ago.

It took me two days to get new service. How it goes from here is anybody's guess but so far so good.

Today I sent Dish Network L.L.C. another certified letter copying Mr. Burks ridiculous statements in his letter with the Credit Collection agency's letter. Hummmmm They were in the same envelope.

Typed each of his statements inn italics with my answer just below in bold type.

He said he offered to send a tech to pick up the equipment and waive the $99.00 normal fee.

No sir that is a damned lie! My original letter to you demanded you get Dish Network's junk off my property or be charged storage.

What makes you think I'd turn you down if you'd offered Mr. Burks?

I also offered to meet him and take a Polygraph in regards to the statements he made and I answered.

Wonder how that will go?

I told him that since April 15, 2010 there is and will continue to be a $25.00 storage fee levied against their equipment on the 15th of each month until either it is picked up by them or until the end August, 2010 at which time I will using the Texas Mechanics lien against the equipment to offer it for sale. The lien is based on my labor for moving the antenna, and for being billed for service interruption for approximately two weeks due to the move while waiting for Dish to honor their contract and their false advertising on TV about free moves.

They also advertise on the Internet free moves.

I also stated that if the equipment can't be sold by the end of September, 2010 it will be rendered unusable and deposited in a land fill.

I stated that at the time it will be disposed of they may, "at their choice" send someone to get it but bring a certified check or money order for my labor and other fees. I then stated that they could if they chose send someone to witness that the equipment is/has been rendered unusable and disposed of.

I then stated if they chose not to send someone I will video the destruction, "by large hammer" of the equipment and the disposal of the equipment that a copy of will be sent to them.

I then logged onto the Federal Trade Commission's Web site and filed a complaint in regards to unethical and deceptive business practices by Dish Network L.L.C. and printed a copy of the FTC's verification my complaint has been received and that they will be contacting me.

I did however edit a screen image of the receipt to black out the confirmation number so they will have to do a little more work rather than just call and give the number to the FTC.

I enclosed the FTC confirmation image and my letter to Dish Network L.L.C. in certified mail, mailed to:

Jon Burks

Dispute Resolution Specialist

Dispute Resolution Team

DISH Network, L.L.C.

P,.O. Box 9040 Littleton, CO. 80120

His letter was in the same envelope the letter from the Credit Collection agency, CBE Group.

Their address is:

CBE Group 131 Tower Park Dr.

Suite, 100, Waterloo, IA 50701

Wonder which suite number of Tower Park Dr. Mr. Burks is in.

Something here smells!

After returning from the post office have filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Texas and the Better Business Bureau in regards to deceptive and unethical business practices of Dish Network L.L.C..

I'm now going to the County Court House in the morning after my Dr. appointment with a copy of all the documentation to file a Mechanics Lien on the equipment.

I'm also doing a search for all states I can find where Dish is Incorporated in or shows they have business offices in.

I will write a letter regarding this fiasco to each and every one of the Attorney's' General of those states.

Keep posting against the jerks.

They deserve some bad press.

I'm writing to a couple of the Radio talk show hosts. Some specialize in this type fraud.

Good luck to all of you.

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1189702

If you in fact paid your bill and Dish claimed they didn't get it, the time it took you to post this comment could have been spent contacting your financial institution and reversing the payment. I am willing to bet that it was an error on your part.

Your post is also inaccurate in that you do not need a telephone line to use Dish Network. I believe you are confusing the $5.00 fee with the convenience fee of ordering PPV by calling customer service.


I love you...Will you marry me?...Seriously, though, I spent an hour with 3 different customer service agents who did not speak English who were in TURN on line with OTHER agents trying to convince me that I owed an early termination fee, despite being a 4 year customer who never got any upgrades, or had service canceled, put on hold, or changed in ANY way...& depite being told by the customer service agent (an actual American)that I had fulfilled my two year agreement.

I suspect that DIsh Network sells your name & account to overseas companies in exchange for a portion of anything they can scam out of you...They claim I signed a two year extension to my contract last year...I have asked them to mail me the contract with MY signature on it...


I am in TX and am ready to join forces with any one that is ready to file a class action suit for deceptive business practice.! I am fed up!

I have been their customer for years and called them last December to negotiate a lower bill from them. I told their CS REP that I was interested in going with Uverse but would stay a loyal customer to dish if they could make me an offer to stay. THEIR CS rep OFFERED to lower my bill by $20 a month. I took their bait!

***! I have been on the phone with them at least 5 times trying to get my bill to match the promise of THEIR employee. I told the last person that I would pay what the rep promised me in December and not a penny more and she needed to add the notes to my account and credit my account until it was even and clear that day. She stated she had done all those things.

My bill came as no surprise two days ago with a $7 late charge and $30 balance forward! All they do is teach their employees to lie. I signed into a new contract in December 2011 due to their promise of a lower bill and have had to spend no less than five hours of my time on the phone arguing that I am not paying more than what their employee quoted to me. Now I am spending more time here researching what rights we have as consumers.

I am finding out... Not many.

I may not get far either, buti am going forward with all the steps BBB, FTC, Attorney General, and certified letters to their corporate offices. How do we band together?

to Threegirlsmom Dallas, Texas, United States #599859

I notice many complaints orginiating in Texas, and I am also a resident with identical issues as were posted here. After 10 years with Dish, I upgraded my system and added a couple more boxes and a DVR. Through the course of 3 different conversations about the upgrades prior to and after the installation, I was told by 3 different CSR's that because of my long standing with the company and good payment record, that I was eligible for free upgrades, and that no additional charges would be applied. This was made very clear, because it was repeated not once, but twice, by different people inside Dish.

When I received my first bill, you guessed it. They charged me for the installation and tacked on monthly charges to boot. I called the 800 number to complain, and talked to two different people after the first person escalated the call to her supervisor. Both provided the same EXACT statement. "We are sorry that you were misinformed, but we cannot alter your bill." They finally offered to reduce the bill by $15 per month for 10 months, but the bill is still $32 more per month than I had been told.

My wife heard all my conversations with Dish, as we were using speakerphone. We didn't misunderstand anything that was told. They clearly stated, on several occasions, that there would be no additional charges for the installation. I asked the rep today to send me notice that the persons responsible for this "misinformation" had been disciplined.

They use the term "misinformation", but because of the similar handling of the calls and the wordings used, it is very obvious that the company coaches this "misinformation".

I was given the Dispute Resolution Dept. address to send a complaint. Not interested in talking to them. I am headed straight to the Texas Attorney General to file a complaint.

Anyone on here: Please post follow ups on how, or whether, resolutions were ever reached, and whether legal action has proven effective. This just happened to us today, so we have not been plugged in to the issue.

to MurphyTXresident1 Mansfield, Texas, United States #600169

I actually won with them! I made a complaint to the BBB stating exactly what they had done and what they stated to me on the phone calls.

I was not making 'side-deals' with a CSR. I was renewing a contract. After they received my complaint. I got a letter from corporate and they honored everything to a "t".

I just came off the year they promised and my bill only increased $10 per month. :grin It just took more than complaing to them directly. They don't want to work with their customers. They need an extra push.

Too bad they made me go to the extra work to get what they promised, but I am glad I did. :)

to Threegirlsmom Clarendon, Pennsylvania, United States #917162

Dish is resetting the contract dates on their customers, preventing you from cancelling, and locking you into a unauthorized contract.



Since we are dedicated to providing the lowest cost to our customers, there may be times we enter in a contract dispute with a network provider. We understand that this may affect current shows or packages you are watching so we work hard to fight for a fair deal on behalf of our customers to prevent a large price increase.

Most companies have cancel fees however, unlike most companies we prorate your cancel fee; so if you do choose to disconnect you are rewarded for the time you did stay with us. If you have additional questions please feel free to email me directly.

Keith & Darlene Gardner,

I apologize there was so much confusion regarding your pricing. We make every effort to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers. There are some situations that may cause your bill to increase or change; expiration of promotions, price increases, additional receivers, additional features, additional programming. If you have any other questions please let us know. If you still have concerns about your bill or an increase you can email me.

Parag Shah,

I understand how frustrating this can be for you; we have been unsuccessful in contacting you regarding your concern with your fathers account. As we mentioned previously we would love to help you out and look into options for the account. Just to recap the information regarding the pricing on the account; there may be several reasons the bill increased or changed. Some of these may include; expiration of promotions, price increases, additional receivers, additional features, additional programming. Please contact via email so we can better assist you.



Many Consumers would love to see a news story concerning Dish Network, a public company in the abuses they are committing against fellow Citizens. They have been sued in many states, even by the Federal / State Governments but still operate with immunity and abuse consumers after receiving minor slaps on the wrist..

Dish Network Corporation a public company defrauded my Senior Citizen Father, in an Organized Scam using deceptive trade practices.

I pray consumers are in the process of considering filling a direct suit against the corporation, its executive officers and those involved while FEDERAL AND STATE prosecutors get serious and sever PAPERS under the RICO act or organized crime and get the Corporate executives / employees under oath in a CRIMINAL court preeceedings.

In July, August of 2010 Through misleading Marketing ads and deception , Dish Network and Authorized Dealers targeted my Retired Senior Citizen Father , a senior citizen, in good standing within our community and a longtime Time Warner cable customer was targeted for their Promotion of $24.99 / month for Americas Top 120 channels (for 12 months) and the remaining 12 months the price being locked in at $39.99. (Copy of Ad available) in joining them by signing under duress and deception a contract after the Dish system was installed. Complaint was made on that day to the authorized dealer and Dish Network.

On January 5th, 2011

As a new customer, under this promotion, my father contacted Dish Network for advice as their client and new customer if there was any option that he could freeze my account by holding it while we were on vacation( a Hindu Pilgrimage in India), and resuming it when we got back. Dish Network advised on Dish Pause as the best option, stating that it would only cost us $5.00 monthly charge for Dish Pause duration. The account would remain active and resume back when we returned. (Transcripts available).

(NOTE: dish Network did not advise , that it would forfeit our $24.99 rate and our lock in rate for the remaining 24 months of resumed service). They knowingly omitted this key piece of information.

On March 11th, 2011

Contacted Dish Network for resuming services and shockingly find out that previous promotion was forfeited due to Disk Pause and the terms of the promotion had been changed. My monthly bill now was almost doubled from 24.99 now to 44.99 for Americas top 120 package.

We Protested to Dish Network why they did not disclosed to us on January 5th. They were apologetic but the situation was not resolved. They did not resume my original service due to the situation not being resolved. (Transcripts available)

On March 12th, 2011

Again Contacted Dish Network in verifying and stating my original pricing before service is resumed, the issue was resolved and my original service was resumed at that original promotional pricing of America top 120 package that I had before. (Transcript available).

On April 6th, 2011

After checking my bill and noticing that prices were doubled and overcharged. They have removed my 24.99 monthly price ($15.00 remaining monthly credits from the $39.99 per month) and started charging me $44.99 per monthly charge, plus advanced monthly charge for the same amount which is locked in for the remaining term of the 24 months of the promotional months without the promotional pricing that I had signed up for. I Contacted Dish Network. They stated that my original agreed upon promotional price was forfeited. Again complained and protested. (Transcripts available) related to the current dispute of overcharged billing and what the current bill should be. Also advised them that the future automatic withdrawals if not corrected with the promotional pricing that was agreed upon will also be overcharged and be in dispute every month.

On April 9th, 2011

He sent a letter of Complaint to Dish Network, and their Corporate Officers via email system. (email transcript available)

On April 9th 2011

Received short email back stating that the complaint has been addressed without any proper explanation in their deceptive trade practices against senior citizen consumer in wrongfully charging. (Email transcripts available)

Since then till now, Dish Network is continuing to violate my Senior Citizen Father and enslave him with a bogus contract with their wrongful practices . Complaints were made to the FTC, BBB, and Attorney Generals as well as the Credit Card Company. They seem to operate with Immunity from sincere federal Prosecution.

Again , My Senior Citizen father’s Rights were violated, He is a victim and is continuing to suffer in health and welfare due to Dish Networks Scam. He is a responsible consumer we have done everything reasonable to resolve the dispute. I expect the Government using all tools necessary including the Rico Act under organized crime to prosecute the Corporate Executive Officers / employees in criminal prosecution. I hope also Consumer Organizations/ Pro-Bono Legal Councilors to defend and protect Senior Citizen / Minority Consumers from predator corporations such as Dish Network from any fraudulent and deceptive trade practices from their current, past and future actions . This is organized Crime perpetrated by Dish Network Corporation and their policy directed by their corporate officers.The company is getting away with it against my father and many other consumers.


I'm in the process of disputing my bill and I greatly regret moving from AT&T Uverse to Dish. They recently installed a DVR in my bedroom and the agent assured me that all I had to pay was $15 for the installation and renew my contract.

I asked if my monthly bill would increase due to the new receiver and he assured me it wouldn't. I have all of this in the chat log we were communicating by. When I received my next bill they increased my DVR service from $7 to $17. I called and told them that I didn't agree to any price increase and that I had a chat log from them stating so.

The agent I was now speaking with said they were sorry I was misinformed but I would be charged the $17 now. This isn't the first issue I've had with them and I haven't been with them even a year. They are about the most dishonest business I've ever encountered. I will file a small claims suit if they refuse to stand behind an agreement their employee made.

At this point I'm willing to pay the termination fee and just get my Uverse back. It's just unbelievable how this company treats their customers. How in the *** are they still in business?

To make matters even worse, I allowed them to drill a hole in the side of my new home to install the service. I will always regret doing business with this corrupt company.


I like your style man. We've been having a problem here in Buffalo for 4 months now.

They took away MSG and we don't get Sabre games. When I call they say sorry for the inconvience, but you have an agreement which says we can change programming without notice so tough luck. You want out of the contract pay us $280 and it's fine.

When you win in court and own the company give me a call I'll come back you sound like a great owner, right now the owner is counting $$$ and doesn't give a **** about his customers. Oh and by the way how can they be #1 in customer service who did they ask the owner and his family?






Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize about the confusion regarding your equipment. I understand you may have had an initial fee when you were installed; however this most likely was for activation or installation. If you we to have purchased your equipment it would have been several hundreds of dollars and there would have been an installation cost as well. When you move and are still in contract you have the availability to schedule a DISH mover at that time to retain services without a cancel fee.

As far as the $5.00 charge it is not a charge for having no phone line connected it is a programming access fee for your second TV installed on the one receiver, unlike most companies we have a dual receiver that can work on two TV's so as an incentive if you plug in a phone line to your receiver than we waive the second TV programming fee. This is an exclusive offer DISH Network has available for it's customer to save even more money. When you cancel services the equipment has to be sent back within 30 days to avoid additional charges. We do not have the capacity to store returned equipment in our local offices due to the amount of new equipment needed for customers in your area.

If you receive a charge for unreturned equipment the charges would be reversed once it has been returned. If you have trouble returning the "LNBF" due to safety than we can make a note on the account so that you will not be charged.

If you still have any questions or feel that you own the equipment I would be more than happy to look at your account. You can email me your information to alicia.brink@dishnetwork.com

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #175709

First a response to "whatever". We do still live in a free country, if this guy wants to move wherever for whatever reason that does not give Dish an excuse to bill for services not provided or harass a customer.

I too have had more than enough misery being a Dish customer and I will NEVER do it again.

There billing practices equate to out and out theft and fraud. I made the huge mistake of signing up for autopay on my credit card. They didn't bill once a month like a reputable company. They took whatever they wanted to take whenever they wanted to take it. I had varying amounts from 22.00 - 186.00 charged to that account two to three times a month. My bill was supposed to be 32.95 per month.

They ran my card up over the limit three months in a row. I called several times, wasting over 100 minutes on my cell, to get an explanation and to end the practice. Talking to CS is like chasing your tail, you never get anywhere.

I sacrificed the premium channels I received for doing autopay in order to get put on paper billing.

I now have been double billed for months on end. I have paid double payments for the last 4 months just to get the harassment, via phone calls, emails and that infuriating and embarassing screen popup to end. Just minutes after making a second payment in July the popup was back and I received an email "reminder" and autocall. I am not now nor have I been behind in my payments. In fact, I had to pay two months in advance when I signed up. I have records showing that I have had 13 months of service and have paid the equivolent of 17 months of payments. Still, the harassment will not end. They still insist that I am in arrears so they will continue to threaten in whatever way they wish to turn my service off. I have spent a grand total of 978 minutes of cell time going around and around with CS. I have been denied the peaceful enjoyment of the service I am being overcharged for, due to that "pay us" popup, for 68 of the last 72 days. I told them to shut the service off, I will not pay them one more cent, they refused! "Your under contract", "we will penalize you up to $450. for breaking your contract", "we have to go by what our records show regardless of what evidence you have to the contrary", "Oh and part of your charges are for late fees because we have determined that your bill is due THE DAY WE PRINT IT and you incur late charges when it is not paid THAT DAY".

I don't need the frustration, the ulcer, or bump in blood pressure just for TV.

They just go through being ordered to pay 5.99 million dollars from a lawsuit filed by numerous Attorney's general offices. I think it is time to start another one.

I have filed my complaint with the BBB (who states that there has already been 58,000 complaints filed SINCE June), my attorney general, my senators, and the FTC. Unfortunately, I will have to cancel my bank account as I go to war with them to get out of this contract due to their sticky fingers.

I am posting my complaints on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and a home made bumper sticker. I am encouraging everyone to repost in order to get the word out. This company is nothing short of a criminal enterprise.


Beyond anything else, you signed a service contract at some point when you leased your eqipment. This contract had the 5/mo charges and the description and charges/fees for non returned eqipment that you leased.

I have mine, still from years ago, and it's in there as plain as day.

Nearly all of your agrivation is self caused. Running to the woods to escape "The comming mass hysteria"...get out of here. You are an adult and obviously are semi-intellgent.

Use you brain, read the things you sign. You did this to yourself.


I upped my program package to the ultimate Everything package on my account with two recievers. One month later Dish disables one reciever and Tech Support immediately suggests creating two accounts.

Lets see. Now I pay $167.52 and they want to split it and create two accounts to double my payments.

Was this done intentionally? YES.. In these days of WIIFM never sign or give rights to your credit cards or anything as long as they can swindle you out of more money.

I wonder what it will cost to stop service on one reciever or how long will they let it sit before doing anything.

Anyway you look at it YOU LOOSE.

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