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I found an entry for ER Solutions on my Credit Report. I have never heard of them, so I called the number. They informed me that I had an account with Dish Network in collections. I asked for details, and they gave me the account number and their account number. When I informed them this was not my account, they stopped providing information.

The same as other accounts I have read online, Dish is treating me like the suspect rather than the victim. When I asked for information related to the account in my name and SSN, they said get a subpeona, and if it was fraud, file a complaint with the FCC, File a police report, provide my Drivers license front and back, and provide my contact information.

After I did that, they asked for the serial numbers of my dish equipment, when I provided that, they asked for the original information related to police reports.

I am beginning to believe that someone on the inside at Dish is perpetrating thing fraud, as there are countless cases just like this one all over the internet.

All the while, there are two items in collections on MY credit report!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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Mark H DISH Network

Hello, Mark with DISH Customer Service. I ran across your post and would be happy to look into your situation and make sure you have the proper information to get this resolved.

You may email me at Please include all applicable information you have concerning yor matter.

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