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Well, almost two months have transpired since my DISH NETWORK NIGHTMARE began. It’s time to give an update on the latest developments on the case. Last April, I contacted the credit reporting agencies and initiated the corresponding dispute processes with all three of them. Concurrently, I contacted the collections agency and informed them about my situation and sent a Dispute Letter along with the supporting documentation they requested. On that letter I pointed out the following: 1) That I had never conducted any business nor had any dealings whatsoever with Dish Network; 2) That I did not own subject debt nor have received any service from Dish Network, and 3) That I was not the person whose name appeared on the account (they only had my first name). I also provided a copy of my driver’s license to further substantiate that.

Approximately, three weeks later I got a letter from the collections agency confirming that they have requested a deletion with all the credit bureaus. Soon after that, I also received a notification from the credit bureaus confirming that the negative account had been deleted. I got an updated copy of my credit report and the account was indeed removed. Honestly, I was shocked, as I was expecting a very long a tedious process. Well, needless to say, I was so NAIVE!

Today, I received a voice message from a different collections agency concerning the same FRAUDULENT DISH NETWORK ACCOUNT. Isn’t that outrageous? Apparently, the collections agency that “graciously” deleted the account from my almost pristine credit report, sold the account to a different collections agency. This time, my name was listed correctly, of course after obtaining all documentation that I provided to the previous collections agency to straighten up their mess.

My credit is totally ruined as a result of this nightmare. The worst part of this story…I have been a victim from Identity Theft and the only responsible party here is DISH NETWORK! I’m not giving up.

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I just learned that someone used my social security and first name to open a Dish Network account. The account was turned over to a collections agency for an unpaid bill of $400.

I'm iin the middle of purchasing a house and my credit score has dropped drastically. I'm trying to dispute this fraudulent account but I'm afraid this process will take forever. I have learned that I have to go through a tremendous hassle and I'm running out time. Interestingly, that's the only fraudulent account on my credit report.

I'm seriously considering initiating legal actions against Dish Network. I'm so angry and frustrated.

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I've been fighting them for over 4 years on an old account that was already paid in full. I found this information online.

They did not legally add this collection back into my bureau legally. I sent another dispute and informed them that they violated my rights and if they do it again I will sue them for damages.

"The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that the credit bureau inform you before they re-report a previously deleted listing.

The FCRA also makes it more difficult for credit bureaus to re-report listings. Because of these factors, it is fairly rare for listings to come back on once they've been deleted."


I am trying to find a way to contact all of you. I have been victamized by dish this way now twice.

I am waiting on a attorney to call me back. I think we may a case for a class action suit.

to dishidtheftvictim #1387200

I just got an alert that Dish network put a collection report to TransUnion. I don't even have an account from them. Not even any bills received.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1286232

They are thieves

Green Valley, Arizona, United States #1226630

I never in my life have dealt with a company as Dish that was so unproffessional. I am a victim of identity theft for the 2nd time in 3 years and I found out in june that someone opened an account in CA and I live in AZ.

They have had this Dish account since March without my knowing, I filed a police report with my sheriffs dept, they took my case on since we have a service address for the person who stole my identity and I have a notarized letter from FTC, sent everything to Dish and they assured me this was all I had to do. For the 2nd time, I have attempted to dispute this off my Credit and they are refusing. They have NO IDEA what kind of trouble they are getting themselves into. Last step was my " in writing letter" me and my legal advisor wrote up, and still no response.

If not me, someone is going to in fact sue this company and win. Big company or not, doesnt make it acceptable. Your credit is your life, and for this company to screw your life up and not even try and help, there has got to be consequences for them.

Their so called FRAUD dept is terrible and nobody knows what theyre doing, so yes, they would be very very easy to sue right under their noses so to speak. We will see who has the last laugh.

to Anonymous #1366227

Hello, I hope you get this message. I am also going thru the same thing.

We are waiting on a class action attorney to get back to us. Is there any way we can talk?


I utilized Dish Network Satellite services for years and was a good customer that ALWAYS paid my bills on time. When I switched to a different carrier, I paid my final bill and returned the equipment.

Three years later, I am in escrow purchasing a home and a collection pops up on my credit report for $18. I immediately contact the collection agency and they inform me that it is a charge for Dish. I called them and the collection was for pre-paid shipping labels. I explained that this must be an mistake and I paid any final charges to my account already.

I would not be a good customer for years and not pay $18 for shipping labels. I explained to them that I never received a bill and so forth. Anyway I paid the collection and they were looking into removing the collection from my credit report. All the company did was take my $18 and pass me around to different agents and it was never removed from my credit report.

Dish Network did not try to work with me at all to get this matter resolved. I believe it is unfair to put this collection on my account without trying to contact me first. I can PROMISE that they never reached out to me about this charge and just went on and sent me to collections. They have not tried to help me with removing this from my credit report either.

Yes I can dispute the collection with my credit reporting agency, but that takes time and I was supposed to sign loan documents a week ago. This is just bad business and customer service all around.


I am one of many who had a DISH account set up under my social security number and it is now 2 YEARS that I have been trying to resolve it. I have sent the documentation twice, contacted FTC, FCC, credit agencies and just when I thought it was off my credit - BAM - yesterday got a call from a new collection agency. I feel this will never be resolved and it is impacting my credit and interest rates it pay.


not really. sounds like someone is using your information.

you should invest in fraud protection and stop blaming collectors and dish network. silly american <3



I know how concerning that must be for you and this is the type of situation that we take very seriously. Please email me your phone number at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can look up any information we have and direct you toward a resolution. Thanks!

to MikeLDISH123 #989925

I would to know why to get this work out my self they took out 780 dollars from my bank act but I don't have severs with the theni let my friend have-dam one.,and they just taking my money and I told them it wasn't my act and bill was not my to stay of my bake three time. Help

Dallas, Texas, United States #734795

All it take's is one fruitcake to make a statement against someone and Everyone jump's on the bandwagon.How sad it is.Do any of you think DISH NETWORK care's about a lawsuit against them?Com on now,They probably will welcome you.And know i do not work for DISH NETWORK or Any other network.

Dallas, Texas, United States #734791

Number one i would like to know who else in your household has your personal information?Their is know way a stranger can just come by your personal information especially an social security number.Check your family member's.Also when anyone aplies for GAS-WATER-LIGHTS-TELEPHONE the companies alway's request social security number's-Date of Birth etc.Something does not add up with this post.


The exact thing is happening to me, I got a letter from convergent , apparently a collections agency trying to settle a 690.45 debt collection from dish network. How scary is this that its so easy for dish to send u to collections when u never even opened an acct.

I'm in Virginia and they said I had an unpaid bill out in "725 e. carol st in Texas!!" I live in va! Convergent the collections agency gave me that address. I've never received a collections notice til I contacted dish directly about this.

When I actually tried to open an account with dish, they told me I couldn't open one bc my ssn had an outstanding balance. I said under what name and they wouldn't tell me. How weird is it that they think it's me but when I asked them under what name they wouldn't tell me bc they said that if it's not me then they can't disclose that info. Dish is such fraud.

I can't waste anymore of my time on this Hoax. I have perfect credit, and it got ruined bc I called in to open an acct and they said I owe them money after I gave them all my personal information. Now they just took that personal information and attached it to some acct in Texas to try to get $700 from me. Please someone file a civil lawsuit against this company!

Obviously someone made up 9 numbers to open up an acct and it happened to be my ssn, they didn't have the right name attached to the acct and when I tried to open an acct, they got my addresss to send me a collections notice bc they obviously didn't have any real info on me.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #663762


I would love to provide you with some assistance to this matter if you could please email me your phone number at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can contact you to get it resolved! Thanks and I hope to hear from you!

Santa Monica, California, United States #659934

To be fair, this isn't just a DISH problem. I, too, will be sending documentation to DISH to verify that I have NEVER been their customer.

The problem is that I discovered this because TIME WARNER put me in collections.

When IIIIIIIIIIII investigated, I found that, in addition to TWC, I had an account with DISH, AT&T, Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power and SoCal Gas, all at the same location.

These utilities do absolutely nothing to verify the identity of the person signing for service, and that is something that needs to change!


This happened to my husband as well. Not once, but TWICE.

We had this very issue three years ago. And today I got home to another $3000, (yes that is three THOUSAND) dollar bill from a collection agent. This takes forever to clear up. Filing forms, gathering police reports, contacting credit agencies.

It is a nightmare! And now we have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN. My advice...let the credit agencies know that you have not and WILL NEVER use Dish Network and have them make a notation to this affect on your accounts. I will never, ever use this fraudulent company.

And there "executive fraud team" is horrible. By the way, why do they need an "executive fraud team"....because this happens ALL THE TIME!!!!

Boycott Dish!!!!

to lp Aurora, Colorado, United States #651740


It would be my pleasure to assist you with your situation! I know how unfortunate this must be for you and if you could please email me your phone number at michael.lemar@dish.com, I'd be happy to get in touch with you and help you further!


You are not alone. Hopefully, you have put a fraud alert with the credit reporting agencies. Dish also damaged me and I have never been their customer, I will also be submitting my complaint to this site. According to the FACT Act, when you notify Dish of the Identity Theft and request they do an investigation Dish must do an investigation and provide you the results of that investigation. You will likely need a police report for identity theft, it is up to you but be careful about providing more personal information like, “signatures” to Dish as they may use it to your detriment, ask the police about redacting personal identifiers. Dish will treat you like you are the criminal and try to avoid investigating the actual criminal even though they have an address where the service was provided.

Dish has a track record of treating consumers like ***. Isn’t it odd that Dish could not find YOU to authorize the account before it was opened, but now the collection agency comes to you, especially considering their service provided was likely not at your address?

OTHER COMPLAINTS TO FILE: Dish Network has a history of very bad business practices that hurt consumers in many ways and in 2009 Dish Network signed onto an “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance” with 45 state Attorney General’s and paid a 6 million settlement agreeing to stop their bad behavior, but they have not stopped. So, contact your state Attorney General’s office. Also, file a complaint with the Federal Trade commission, FTC and notify your Congress persons as they will ultimately have to put better consumer protections in place due to exploitative businesses like Dish.

You might want to consider a credit freeze to prevent other accounts, like credit cards from being opened in your name.

Be careful of credit monitoring services also, they will probably start marketing to you. Most are a waste of money and do not even really protect you.

to BoycottDish Aurora, Colorado, United States #651329


I'm sorry to hear you've had this experience and it's a pleasure to reach out to you and see what I can do if you wouldn't mind emailing me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com! Your efforts would be highly appreciated and I'll look forward to your response!

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