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I saw the ads for the free ipad 2 last summer. I already had an iPad 1, so I didn't think the iPad 2 offer was that compelling. Plus we were still locked into an expensive contract with DirecTV

When I heard that Dish was now offering a free ipad mini to new subscribers in January, I was more interested. My children have wanted an iPad for a while and my wife and I thought the iPad mini would be more portable. Since our contracts with DirecTV was up, I figured it was a good time.

The technician came and installed our new hopper and walked us through the new system. All in all, it seems pretty slick. When he gave us the new iPad mini, he told us that we could have received a discount of $25 a month for a year if we had opted out of the deal. $25 x 12 = $300. This is the price of a new iPad mini on!

In reality, Dish isn't giving you a free iPad mini, they're just financing one for you. I feel like this kind of marketing is sad, but I guess that's what pay television has come to...

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If you were activated recently, it's possible you opted for the promotional credit discounts instead. I can be sure of this only if you could please email me your account number at so I can have a look.

Conroe, Texas, United States #792333


I found your post interesting and would love to help you! We have the iPad offer available to new customers if they choose to do that.

If not, we have the alternative option of credits applied to the account. We always like to stay as flexible as we can to provide our customers with a variety of options.

to MikeLDISH123 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #812446

I was never offered the iPad at all and I got the qualifying Dish and Hopper. Can you explain that to me, MikeLDISH123?

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