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I finally made the decision to order Dish a few weeks ago. My family had Comcast for years, but our contract was up and I'd been reading that Dish offered new subscribers a free iPad 2 when you sign up. This seems pretty attractive and I'd heard some good things about the hopper DVR from my friends. I decided to take the plunge.

The sales process is pretty complex: besides choosing what package you want, they will need to know about your HOA, how many TVs you want setup, and other information. When we got to the free iPad offer, they told me that they are no longer offering the iPad 2! The only available model now is the iPad mini.

So after some discussions with my wife, we decided to go ahead and contract Dish with the free iPAd mini instead of the free iPad 2. At this point, the call center agent tells us that the free iPad mini offer requires a credit check -- as does the entire package. I hadn't realized this, and suddenly I panicked. My credit score wasn't very good, and I'd heard that doing regular checks can make it worse.

I told the agent to go ahead and do the check to see if I qualified for the free iPad from Dish, but my credit score wasn't high enough.

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Please tell me you didn't sign up for dish after that

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