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I called Dish Satellite TV today to discuss cost of service and current offers. I was interested in the offer for a free IPAD 2 and a free Hopper. I was informed that the free IPAD is free ONLY if I sign up for service that charges me $25/mo more than the service I'd get if I didn't want the free IPAD. This additional fee for service applies for the first year, so essentially, they SAY they are giving me a free IPAD, but I'm really PAYING for an IPAD at a cost of $25/mo for the first year of service, which results in an extra $300 that goes into the Dish coffers.

So, the free IPAD 2 actually costs the customer $300, which is more that the current fair market rate for a device that is currently obsolete. Talk about misleading! This scam is top-shelf in that department!

Now, as for the free Hopper, if I want whole-home HD and I have only 1 TV, all I need is the Hopper. However, the Hopper isn't really free; it costs $12/mo to have the darn thing sitting in my home. The only thing that's free about it is the hardware delivery and installation.

Here's the kicker - if I have more than 1 TV and I want HD on all TVs, then I also need a thing called a Joey. The Joey AND the Hopper cost $6/mo and $12/mo, respectively. So, again, something they advertise as free actually costs $18/mo or $216/yr. I'll need the Joey thingy for each additional TV I have in the house, so for 3 TVs, the cost is $24/mo; 4 TVs the cost is $30/mo, etc.

Bottom line is that the free part actually applies to Dish where the customer lets THEM into their home for free so DISH gets FREE access to their bank account to extract additional cash every month for the privilege of having their hardware in the customers home.

If I really wanted HD broadcast to all my TVs, I’d need a Hopper, a bunch of Joey’s and a zoo keeper to boot! This type of marketing is insidious, takes advantage of people, and does not deliver what the customer expects. It’s all about giving DISH access to ever-increasing recurring fees paid by their customers. Like the proverbial frog in the pot of slowly heating water; the frog will never jump out if the water is heated slowly enough. DISH is trying to slowly heat the water around its customers hoping they don’t jump ship.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #766226

You don't really get anything free from any company. But in this case they are not charging you more than the next guy.

You just don't get promotional credits. So in reality you are getting it free as long as you pay the same cost as someone out of their first 12 months. As far as the first poster. I agree.

Read the fine print. Read the commitment. And then make your decision from there. I fortunately was very satisfied with my choice of dish network.

Their equipment and features I care about are far superior then any other company.

But that's the best thing about competition. Everyone can have their cake and eat it too.

to Satellite fan #766233

Well - I'm just way happy for you. The point is not about good service, or the fact that they give you what you want.

The point is that they are using bait and switch tactics (illegal) to lure gullible people like you into believing that they are getting something for free, when in fact, the company is just up-selling in the most classical and shady manner companies have ever invented. They say they give you something for a discount, when in fact, you are really not getting any kind of special deal. It's the shell-game - like they do in Vegas; get it? I guess if you're smart enough to read the fine print and still go for it, all I can say is WTF?

Why not take the cheap deal from them and go buy the latest IPAD for less from someone less unscrupulous than DISH. But, whatever, it's your money - if you want to give it away, you can send some to me as well. I'll give you part ownership in a really nice bridge.

Want my address? :eek


you should really realize the reality check here. DVR service is NOT free anywhere you go.

this is classic fine american art called 'fine print' and you are incorrect. the iPad 2 retails for 400$ so yeah.

you are actually getting a deal. ignorant american.

to troll-pole Seattle, Washington, United States #765257

Actually, since you are the one with the incorrect facts, perhaps, you're the ignorant one. Checking online, the actual cost today of a 16mb IPAD2 is $299 - so, the real deal is that there is no deal - you're still paying for an IPAD, not getting one free as DISH purports.

Grow-up and quit the name-calling, Troll-pole.



I understand your concern from this and would love to help you if you could please email me your account number or phone number at!

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