We received a call from someone pretending to be from dish network billing - saying they had a promo - where if you bought a prepaid greendot card at CVS or Walmart using a debit card or cash and called them back to make 6 months worth of payment - they'll give us an extra 6 months for free. The guy also said as a promo they are adding extra channels - HBO and Cinemax and when they had my husband turn the tv on - sure enough we were getting those channels.

Shortly after we hung up - my husband got an email that his dish network password had been changed. When he tried to log on - he couldn't. He got suspicious and called dish network - to find out that extra channels were ordered online to be added to our account. The scammers used that to gain our trust - so we'd think they were from dish network and thus capable of giving us extra channles for free.

An hour later the guy calls back to see if we bought the greendot card or not - and we told them that we'd reported them to the police instead. The number they called from and asked us to call back on is 1-800-358-9605. When you call this number it says dish network.

When we googled this - we found out that we were not alone - and other people had actually gone out and bought the pre-paid cards and provided the account number to these scammers - ultimately losing over $600. Consumers need to be made aware - since its such an easy trap for innocent victims - who think maybe dish network is giving them a deal since they're paying 6 months worth of charges upfront.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #673989

We have also been scammed. DO NOT GET SCAMMED!!


i got a call for same promo pay six months get six months free about 04 months ago along with hooper receiver. i paid my six months bill 459$ four months ago since then i haven't recvd any bills from dish and my services are running too .it seems to be a legit promotion at least its working for me .


this scam is being runned in Pakistan not in India.... FBI was not able to do anything but ive trACED these ppl down. just have to go to them nw any one with me pm me

Rgds: Kathy McCoy


The Federal Communication Commission, FCC, takes complaints about toll free numbers. It seems they should also be able to trace where it is coming from.

Dallas, Texas, United States #664458

Thank you! for this forum.

Yesterday I got a call from 800-560-4095 and it was the same scam that is being talked about here. One thing I learn't is never commit for the signup on the first call.

I told him I will get back and google'd and found this. Thank you!!!.


This is a complex scam and may have “insider” connections, even if it is a “third party” retailer of this company, the company is still responsible for investigating and mitigating. A high percentage of identity frauds/scams like this are actually “inside” jobs and not necessarily the actions of random shady hackers.

Police and other law enforcement agencies should be notified and compelled to investigate.

Dish Network should be able to trace from where and how the programming was changed. The FBI does investigate financial crimes/fraud and there are local FBI offices in many cities that could be contacted to answer questions.


I just got ripped of thru the same scam for $X amount, as said by earlier guys Dish network is involved, when called Dish they say its online enabled, how did a scammer had my account info and login, Dish is vulnerable they need to secure the account else will need to have a lawsuit on them.

Perrysburg, Ohio, United States #652078

Did anyone reported this incident to the newspapaer or local media? Please let me know if that helped.

I am going to report this to media.

Orlando, Florida, United States #650262

You are right Michael . I think dish network employes are all together in this scam.

When I received this call from loyalty dept I thought it is to good to be true . Then I called 1800333dish to verify if they have such dept and promotion . They told me they recognize the phone no and they are promotion partner . But they don't know the promotion .

I thought ok they are true company . I went ahead and pay them $580.00 . Later found out I was scammed . Evan tried my best to verify with co .

Now when I called them about it they are refusing to take responsibility .

And refuse to give me c.e.o or bigger authority phone or email to complain about it . Please I am with you to file law suit against them .i think we all should get together and go for it .

Chicago, Illinois, United States #647280

My husband received call from this number. Caller ID showed Dish Network and their number.

They got connection at DISH network and are able to add channels. We have lost almost $300.00. I am looking for people that have been affected by this scam to open a case with FBI. I called FBI and they will be able to catch these crooks if we have enough people to prove.

Also greendot MoneyPak is able to see where money went but they are not willing to do anything. If you have been affected and would like to join me on this you can email me at jasminaali@yahoo.com

to Jasmina Fremont, California, United States #652076

I am recent victim of this scam and would like to take action against dish network. I am ready to file a legal lawsuit.

Please let me know if you have already filed one or we need to file a new lawsuit. I'll also make a call to FTC as some of you suggested. Except for Jasmina, who provided her email address I don't know how to contact others who went through the same trouble.

I want to stop this scam and will need your support. Please email me at dishintrouble@gmail.com.

Homer, Georgia, United States #643646

Same scam here. We wont take the bait and they've been calling for 2 months.

They are calling us from 1-800- 804-0734. We tell them we know they are a scam but they just say no its a super secret deal for their best customers only.

Lol yeah right! Reported them to the FTC.



I also got trapped with dish. THey had full access to my account and even they were able to upgrade my account. I paid money thru green dor prepaid card. THey knew my bill exactly. They had complete account access. However I saw bill from dish network. Called them with no luck.

Filing police complaint on this. However not sure if I can get any luck.

Grove City, Pennsylvania, United States #605624

Please realize that Dish and many of these companies outsource! When you call Dish you are actually talking with a third party vendor that hires people for about 8 bucks an hour. They do this to save money and thats why these scams happen.

Milpitas, California, United States #587981

Talked to Dish again today and got the same rude responses...its with the fraud dept and can't do any thing about it. Takes years to shut these companies down.

Called the 1-800-358-9605 and the scammers are still operating today as of new year eve. They simply cut me off when I asked for my money back.

Milpitas, California, United States #587659

I can't believe that I fell for this scam. I have also lost $470. Dish confirmed that this was a fraud but was disappointed with their response. I was simply transferred to a supervisor who took the details. ( A bit like tough luck ...)

I think there is a big flaw in the online website password reset page of dish network. It allows you to put any personal detail and then reset the password online immediately. These fraudsters request for example last 4 digits of the account holders for "confirmation" of your ID. They then use this to reset your password online. This allows them access to your online account and activate programming giving you the impression that they are from dish network. Most sites have 1 extra step that you have to click on a link sent to your personal email. I will be calling Dish Network and requesting them to change this password reset process to make it more secure.

In the mean time we should sue Dish for a refund as this is a poor design of the password reset screen and a major security flaw.

I have reported this issue to GreenDot and will call the numbers provided by Tom. If anyone is able to get their money back then please do let us know how this was done.

to John #601614

I also live in Milpitas

I was scammed last week by the dish network loyal rewards scammers. They called me just 5 minutes after I enquired about package upgrade from the 1-800-333-3474 dish network num.The weirdest thing is the phone displayed the same num 1-800-333-3474 only when those scammers called. Above that they already knew my pincode. But my foolishness was that the agent asked me to call him at the direct line he has for billing dept 18003514134 and gave the cash voucher num to him.I should have verified this num too. (The first day when they called I ha made sure to verify the num they were using is legit.)

Today when I called to enquire about the balance showing on my dish a/c I found out it was a scam. The scammer had the guts to laugh out loud and tell my husband that they rip people thru this scam and is not afraid of us filing a complaint. That we can't harm him. He even admitted that the dish agents got their 'share' of money !!!

So three points to be noted are

* they called me immediately after my call to the legit dish num

* They already had all my account info and addressed me by my name on account.

* They admitted that dish agents got their share.

I have filed a police complaint against Dish network and the scammers

I am ready to file a law suit



to Tanu San Jose, California, United States #643292

They called me again from 1800 804-0734. Already ripped me once last month and now calling back. Already reported to Dish but the issue is if they don't catch them today then it will be difficult to catch them later. Dish is not ready to reimburse $350.

What should we do?

Where to file a complaint for Dish for not stopping web hacking on their websites and the hackers for calling us?

Please write me at mgolechha@gmail.com

to MG Chicago, Illinois, United States #643390

Exactly same story. Called me and he knew the exact amount of my bill.

He said he has the ability to add HBO or Starz or cinnemax channels within minutes to prove that they are genuine Dish people which they will do once we confirm even without getting paid. These people appear to be having a cartel with Dish. Very sad story;Something is seriously wrong and Dish should do something immediately. Luckily I did not fall for this scheme "pay 6 months get 6 months free".

Now I know it is a scam. Also, let me tell you I had contacted Dish yesterday for new promotions, and requested if they can give me some 3 month kind of promotion of getting Cinemax, or HBO and they did give me Heartland, and cinemax from yesterdsy - and today this call comes from 1-800-804-0734. Caller gave me his name as ANDY NASH.

I told him to call me tommorrow 11 AM CST when I will go for it. Now there is no question of my dealing with them.

to John Fremont, California, United States #660054


I posted under unhappy customer. I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my money back from greendot. As soon as I came to know about this fraud, I reported it to Dish but no one helped me. so I called green dot and asked them if they can track the money from the green dot card that I had purchased to the green dot card where the money was transferred. They told me that they can. After that they had put a hold on the account where the money was transferred. Now yesterday grren dot sent me a check for the total amount that I had put on the green dot card plus the purchase fee.

I am happy with Green dot but still pissed with dish.

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