Fawn Grove,Pennsylvania

I have recently moved and was unfortunate enough to now have the former number of what was a Dish Network customer who now owes $500 to Dish Network. I have received repeated calls requesting payment and requesting that the Dish Network equipment be returned.

I've called at least three times to tell them that this is now MY number and no longer T.R.'s number, and have requested that I be placed on a DO NOT CALL list. I was told that this was done.

After the most recent robocall I received I called to explain the problem and was told that I could not make changes to someone else's account - aka change the listed number associated with T.R.'s account. (Mind you, it was apparently OK for them to keep calling me!) I was told that only T.R. could call to make changes to her acccount...I then suggested that T.R. would never call to 'update her account information' because T.R. owes Dish Network $500; why would she want them to be harassing her instead of me?

After suggesting that the employees of Dish Network could change the number associated with T.R.'s account to 'UNKNOWN' or something equivalent, and requested to speak to a more senior employee, the employee FINALLY told me the number associated with the account had been changed and I would not receive more calls related to T.R.'s account.

Harassing and WRONG!


Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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