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So when we first signed up for Dish Network( worst company ever) we spoke to the customer service and made sure we would be able to watch our nfl games once the season started, well the season has started and of course no games, so we call upgrade our package to multi sports package and redzone which we are told will allow us to watch our games its now friday and dish network told me my game is on cbs which it is not and then they explain to me that i cannot see the full game i can only see highlights and now want me to pay an early termination fee because the services they told me i was going to recieve im not and im pist!!!!!!

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: early termination fees waived.

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I see how that's frustrating and please understand that RedZone isn't just highlights but anything exciting you should be aware of in any game that's currently going on throughout the day each Sunday of the regular season live. All plays shown are more or less as they're happening.

It's not like SportsCenter where it's just a wrap-up of the key moments that've already happened. The way RedZone works is exactly like how a golf tournament is covered, jumping all around the live action to keep you updated on whatever the most exciting thing happening is.

If you could please provide me with your zip code, I can review what's offered in your area on your locals. You can also check for yourself at our online Game Finder page,

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