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First I call customer service because they have been billing me $44. some odd dollars for the past 2 months. When I call they say thats what I signed for and dont offer an explaination or compensation after the person who signed me up said that I will get the same price for 2 years. So of coarse I ask for a supervisor. This supervisor just talks and talks about this is what I signed up for and so on so forth, without even me explain my situtation. Everytime I try to ask a question he cuts me off, so I get pissed and say, "HEY!! Can you be quiest and let me talk, you as Customer Service need to listen to your customer..." he cuts me off of coarse and bluntly tell me, "NO I DONT!!" I wasnt so mad until I spoke to this jack ***. Now I am asking for compensation due to me just simply asking for a explanation and this guy was such a *** to me that I had a nervous breakdown. So what do I do next? After asking for his name and openrator ID, (Paul - T06...something)I send a Nice email to and they have not answered any of my emails. So now I got with the BBB and am still looking into filing a HUGE complaint with the FTC.

This got out of hand when I just wanted a simple explaination.

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I am glad to hear it was resolved for you, I do apologize that you had to contact the BBB before we were able to correct the issue. I can assure you when I receive an email regarding a concern I try to respond as quickly as possible. I can not tell you how truly regretful I am that we did not respond to you in a more timely fashion. I hope that in the future you will be able to regain your trust with us and allow us the opportunity to help you. Please let me know if there is anything we can assist you with.


So I emailed Becky and she didnt respond to my email until I sent a BBB report then I got some answers from someone who COULD help and I havent had a bad experience since then. I deal directly with her and do not want to deal with CSRs, and I was not put in a contract by an idependedt sales REP it was by the call center I called, it was a CSR who sid=gned me up.

But anywho,

I am satisfied with the response I got from sending the complaint to BBB.

Thank you.



I understand how it may seem that we do not take inconsideration the information our independent retails provide to our customers. Though it may be difficult to obtain the exact information you as a customer was provided we do may every attempt to do so. I can assure you we make every effort to provide our customer with accurate information directly and through our third party retails. Customers are not required to use our retailers to set up an account. Customers will always have the option to go directly through DISH Network. We do have independent retailers that customers can elect to use; most of them will have promotions available. If you were offered a promotion or rebate through them you would have to return to them to get your promotion or rebate offer. There are some situations that may cause your bill to increase or change; expiration of promotions, price increases, additional receivers, additional features, additional programming. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me.


Becky, why don't you tell him the truth and say about how Dish Network hires other people to do their selling and the sellers lie and Dish doesn't do anything about it.


Hello Lvlyeyes, my name is Becki Barned, with DISH Network. I apologize for the experience that you had. I would be happy to look over your account. You can email me at!

Becki Barned

DISH Network Customer Service

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