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Dish Network has recently dropped 15 HD channels provided by Voom HD Networks. Many, many subscribers of Dish HD, signed up for a 2-year contract only because of the recently dropped channels. These channels were part of 1 of 3 packages, each with different pricing.

Dish subscribers who are now furious because of this, are realizing that their contracts will not be done with for a while and if they want to drop Dish because they no longer provide the channels they signed up for, they'll have a nice early cancellation fee of $200+.

Beware of Dish Network and their manipulative marketing, lack of care for their customers, and faulty HD receivers.

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I have two years contract it ends in next October and thinking of canceling their service. Would they charge me and how much


I ask myself what do you people do with terms and conditions you get at the beginning when you sign up? Don't wipe your butts with it, can you people read on the contract WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE ADJUST OR REMOVE OUR BASE PACKAGES.

I read it loud and clear. So when you look for a service do your homework and read over where it says TERMS AND AGREEMENTS

I find it funny how you ignorants say you want to sue.

A ignorant person vs a big corporation that cover their butts and even set it up in paper for ignorant people to not read. Goodluck with that and fyi your lawyer will just steal a couple of bucks from you and at the end read you the terms and say "sorry we can't sue it due to you didn't read this" after you paid over 4,000$ idiots


Signed a 2 year contract... told 120 channels for $19.99 but found out couldnt get local channels unless I paid $5 more.

So did, now suppose to be promotion offer for 12 months at $19.99 but when I added the locals for $5 more.. they said it broke the promotion so it was reduced to 9 months at $24.99. But the Bill was $36.99..Called them, they said $6 was added for repair service insurance..Told them to remove it but they didn't then bill went to $42.99 at 12 month and after 3 months more finally hit $56.99 a month. I was told if I cancelled before the 2 years I had to pay $199.00 fee.

So I fulfilled the contract. When I called to cancel they said I had to pay $17 to send the receiver back in 30 days or I will be bill but the 30 started during the phone call and they were sending the box to me which would take 5-6 days but those days count as part of the 30 days. What a ripoff.. then for the service..

of 120 channels.. 10 spanish channels, 6 cooking channels, 25 religious channels, 8 shopping channels, 4 fixit/house buying channels.. most of the movie channels just recycle the same movies.. Lord of the rings, Sands of time, Mummy, etc...

Finally, I decided to go back to a roof top antennae. Now I only have to flip through 3 spanish channels, 5 religious channels, 3 public channels and I can watch, CBS, NBC, ABC, MYTV, THIS, ION, many many others and all for free... use Netflix, Hulu and other websites hooked to my TV.....

F cable and dish.. I am done with it.


If you sign a contract read it......its only common knowledge....


I understand your frustration. I know it can be devastating to loose a channel you love. There are several reasons we may loose a channel; Contract dispute, the channel no longer being broadcast-ed, or exclusive rights agreements etc. Since we are dedicated to providing the lowest cost to our customers, there may be times we enter in a contract dispute with a network provider. We understand that this may affect current shows or packages you are watching so we work hard to fight for a fair deal on behalf of our customers to prevent a large price increase. The VOOM channels are no longer broadcast-ed in most markets. If you have any other questions please let us know.

Alicia Brink

DISH Network



Theale, England, United Kingdom #25945

Now they dropped GOLTV. I am dropping them in return.

Ha! And I am not going to pay the termination penalty. If they want to send my acct.

to a collection agency, then be it. My credit is so outstanding that a $200 charge against me would not put adent in it.

St. Gaudens, Midi-Pyrenees, France #14517

Signed up for the HD package on 5/5 because it included Big Ten. After installation on 5/16 it was not present.

The short version - spend another 40/month to the lying B****** to get what was advertised. This is not over.

East Haddam, Connecticut, United States #13085

I had subscribed to DISH HD with them telling me that I would be getting my locals in HD; that was only if I kept my rabbit ears, which is impossible to get them. Also, at the time last year, they had NFL Network and Big Ten Network on my base package in HD, which they pulled from me.

I was told I would have VOOM Network, which they've now pulled. They locked me into a 24 month deal to get HD and now there are less channels. I found today that they put me in an HD Ultimate package which is $20.

I found that online I could downgrade to the $10 HD Reg. that's how I'm voting with my money to get out of whatever I can without getting creamed with penalties.

Pavlodar, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan #12658

The problem is that it's under my Mother's name, and she pays with checks. I'll be moving out soon so I'd like to deal with this before I leave.

The other problem is that I spoke to "executive resolution" for about an hour, and got nothing out of it besides an offer of the next tier (HD Ultimate) for 1 month free...if that isn't a slap in the face, I don't know what is.

I'm waiting on a reply from a lawyer's group that deals with class-action suits, and I've also contacted ConsumerReports, BBB, FCC, and I forgot who else.

Bydgoszcz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland #12594

Well, they are in breach of contract for falsely advertising 22 additional HD channels, when in fact they added 22 and removed 15 (Voom HD channels) for a net gain of 7 HD channels. Additionally, some of those channels are regional (maybe 4), so you are only really getting 5 additional channels.

Furthermore, the new HD channels are not truly HD when compared to the Voom channels, which were 100% 1080i 100% of the time. These new channels are mostly stretch-o-vision (SD up-converted and stretched to appear HD (to a monkey?)). These are two reasons you don't owe them another penny.

Ask to speak to a supervisor. If all else fails, cancel your credit card that they have on file by losing it or accidentally cutting it in half ;)

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