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Just hung up the phone after over 90 minutes with five different DN representatives including two "supervisors". Since the initial service representatives (including supv. #1) were unable to figure out the problem after numerous resets and re-sent signals, I was forwarded to the "Technical" support people. They got me so fired up that the dogs left the room.

Now let me set the background at this point as to the nature of the problem. After 2+ years of using DN for watching NHL Center Ice, the HD programming suddenly disappeared last week - both on the guide and actual access. Note that we had spent the additional $$ to have the HD receiver and dish installed initially in order to have access to HD hockey games. To thicken the plot, we still have HD movies and other channels - just not NHL Center Ice that we already paid $170 for the season.

What do the "technical" folks have to say? We don't have HD in our package! Recall that we have the extra dish and HD receiver and can still receive a couple of dozen HD channels.

"Just answer one question: What happened to NHL Center Ice HD last week?"

"I am soddy sir, your package does not include ..."

Why do I have an HD receiver and secondary dish?"

"I am soddy sir, your package does not include ..."

Why have I had access to NHL Center Ice HD for the past two years?"

"I am soddy sir, your package does not include ..."

"Why am I looking at an HD movie and a channel guide calling out about 25 HD programs?"

"I am soddy sir, your package does not include ..."

Whelp -you can guess the rest. I'm gone after the NHL season - never to return. It is a sad day when not only do yo get shafted out of something you have already paid for but then cannot even talk to a half- intelligent person as to what happened or why. And we have no recourse.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #911653

I noticed the same issue. I think we lost the Comcast sport net broadcast on NHL center ice.

I did a chat and they didn't understand my question. I'm not getting the Chicago/Montreal game via the Chicago feed. They do theirs via Comcast sport net. I do get the game via the Montreal feed.

Problem, it's a HD broadcast shown on SD. It's almost unviewable.

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