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I am dealing with the same thing I signed up with dish 10 days ago being promised after I repeatedly asked to make sure and repeatedly was assured that I would only be charged 46 dollars a month first month was free and I only had to pay $25 to get started if I paid that $25 I would receive the hopper 290 + channels internet and free premium channels for 3 months after the first year I would pay no more than $95 a month once they came and installed my dish I discovered I did not receive the hopper or the Internet and that I would have to pay an extra 350 for the hopper and more for the Internet I've been on the phone for several hours have made many calls to dish to try to get them to cancel my services but they claim that I am stuck and bound by this two year contract and I can not terminate it unless I pay $600 1st I do not see how they can bind me to this contract when they have not held up there End when I personally sat there and witness this guy show me that I would receive the hopper the 290 channels Internet and free premium channels for 3 months free and after the first 3 months I would still receive HBO and Starz I am currently in the process of trying to figure how to go about this and how to fight this who to get ahold of who can help me I am NOT rich so I Had to find someone out there willing to help which I have been very fortunate to find quite a few places online that are willing to help for free.I emailed a lady who's a lawyer and willing to help she needs to review my case and she can put it in the media and take them to court and fight it PEOPLE PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THEIR TRICKS!!!!!

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Mesa, Arizona, United States #964679

If you signed the contract, there is no grace period. It also states you are satisfied with your install, and that everything is to your liking, including channels.

There is no price guarantee anywhere within the commitment. I would recommend rereading the contract, so you know exactly what you are diving into.

to Satellite Fan Aberdeen, Washington, United States #965043

I would except for the fact that I was never given a contract and also what I was told that I was signing was just something to see if I was eligibleand that's exactly what it looks like also I didn't see any two year contract that I knew about or words that stated that and after that I never did any other paperwork...?

to Anonymous Hoquiam, Washington, United States #967757

Thank you I'm definitely going to try I really don't like ANYTHING about Dish so far... I still have my Comcast hooked up and you can tell the difference just from changing to dish back to Comcast back and forth the image sucks its darker looks like TV from the early 90's then when I change back to Comcast its bright clear very good image

I cannot wait until the day I'm DONE with them and 1 way or another it's going to be SOON!!!

Thanks "other" person from Aberdeen lol

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