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I had switch to Dish Network and had their service for LESS THAN 10 DAYS. I decided to cancel because they did not meet me needs, I though you could record a program while watching another, But you can't. I called them to cancel AND they want to CHARGE ME $450 FOR CANCELLING MY SERVICE. I said, I did not have the service that long. They ask me if a family member could take the service over. I told them I WOULD NEVER REFER ANYONE TO THEM.......... DO NOT GET DISH NETWORK OR YOU WILL REGRET IT.

ONE UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I signed up for dish network nov. 26,2010 and then I lost my job, lost my home to foreclosure,and my car was repoed.

I had to move in with my daughter in june 2011. I called and told dish network I was losing my home and could no longer pay for the service because I had no job and no tv to watch it on. They told me I had to pay $360.98 to cancel my account early!! I told the I did not have that kind of money so they told me they would lower my payment, but I had to keep paying until the end of my 2 year contract.

I called again a few months later because they raised the payment without telling me. They told me they would lower my payment to $20 and then they proceed to take 2 payments from me that month! I called again a few months later because they raised the payment AGAIN and I wanted to cancel the service all togeher. They told me I still have to pay $134.97 early termination fee!

I told them whatever it takes to let me out!! I will NEVER go back to dish network EVER AGAIN!! They are horrible unforgiving people and I don't know how they sleep at night!!!

sincerely a VERY pissed off customer!! :(


Ordered two DVR and was installed with one DVR to support two TV's. When recording two channels...

you can only watch what you are recording on something is already recorded.

I contacted them the night of the 7 hour delayed install and they are still going to try and charge me the fee. :(


Even when forced to move to a location that doesn't allow satellite service whatsoever, Dish will STILL charge early termination penalties or suggest you find someone to take over the contract. How exactly does this show any loyalty whatsoever to a consumer exactly???

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