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To the \'deal\' who responded below: This was NOT part of the original contract agreement over 6 years ago. It\'s in there now, but it wasn\'t part of the deal back then.

I can definitely read a contract and that is why I know it was not there. we don\'t EVER pay \'protection money\' for anything we buy. I\'d know if it were there.

And so everyone knows, Dish admitted that they made a mistake and they are refunding half of what was paid over the 6 months and removing that charge for the future.

While it doesn\'t make me whole, it seems that at least they know they were wrong.

However, I did have to go to the executive office to get this handled. The rank and file can\'t and won\'t.

Original review posted by user Dec 13, 2011

This is just a tip to everyone with problems with Dish Network. ASK THEM TO SEND YOU A COPY OF THE CONTRACT YOU SIGNED. They make a big deal of your signing the contract. Then they add whatever they wish to your bill, even if you have never signed or requested the services, such as their protection plan scam. This happened to me. They told me I'd signed the contract. I said "Fine - send me a copy of the contract." Two weeks later, no contract copy. They tell me they don't have it so the charges stand. Really? All you have to do is LOSE a contract to get out of illegal charges? Who do they think they are, mortgage companies and banks?

I've got a message in to their executive office, but in the meantime, I suggest EVERYONE ask for the contract copy. This is a time period well within the required 7 year retention period. There's no excuse for their ineptitude. I assume this is their way of sliming out of their unethical conduct. Oddly enough, though, they seem to think that we're ***. They think we're dumb enough to believe that if they don't have a contract, then they can't charge for a service that was not authorized?

I also suggest you contact your State Attorney General. That's the next thing on my list. Dish has already had to settle millions of dollars with 46 states because of their unauthorized charges. It appears they learned nothing from this.

Since when has it been acceptable for companies to behave in this disgusting manner?

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FieryFurnace4, this is the crux of the matter. They try to enforce a contract that you didn't sign. And in your case, someone (either the installation tech or someone in their main office) falsified your signature. Sounds like fraud to me.

Good luck with this. And you and I have both commented about 'deal with people like this all', and I suspect indeed this is one of the incompetent 'customer service' people who find a way to disconnect the calls after you've been on the phone with them for an hour, and then you have to call back and start all over again. I'd rather have my fingernails pulled out with pliers rather than call or deal with companies like AT&T, Dish, Dell, Facebook, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Sears, Bank of America or any government office.

By the way, while I dislike Dish, I hate Comcast even more and I understand DirecTV is even worse, so we have very few options.


and deal with people like this all, you need to get a life. you're probably one of the representatives that one of us spoke with.


fedupinFL, I have to agree with you. Dish Network is a rip off.

I called them to let them know I was moving and the landlord where I'm moving to doesn't accept and satellite of any kind. The representative told me that I signed a contract for 24 months and I would need to pay $332 to cancel the contract. I told them that I never signed any contract and when I signed up for the service, I specifically stated that I do not want any contract. I insisted that I do not want to be tied into any contract and the representative that I spoke to when I signed up assured me it was month to month and no contract.

They told me that the paper work customers sign when the technicians come out is the contract. Therefore, I suggested that they send me a copy of the contract showing that I signed. Oddly enough, I did get the contract this morning, however, it's not my signature on the contract, neither is it anyone else's signature who I am associated with.

I'm filing a suit against Dish Network. Anyone else willing to start a class action suit?


How hard is it to read before you sign geeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! The contract clearly states its free for 6 months then it's 6 dollars a month

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