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Today a service technician was sent to my home to install new service. He came in went through our attic and other rooms, uninstalling the direct tv boxes then went outside and took apart the direct tv satellite.

He told my husband that we needed to pay him $50 to complete the work or that we wouldn't have tv. My husband asked him if he could make that type of decision on price, even though we were told the installation would be free, without consulting someone in sales or a manager. He told my husband that he makes the decision on how much extra a customer is charged. When my husband refused the technician attempted to leave.

My husband told him before he leaves he needs to put everything back. He refused but tried to enter our home to get something he claimed he left. My husband wouldn't allow him to go into the house and called the police on the technician. The police came out and noticed damaged that had been done to the wall near the attic and saw the wires and boxes everywhere.

I called customer service and spoke to three different managers who all informed me that it was not policy for technicians to collect money from customers and any additional installation fees would be waived. So basically, the technician tried to hustle us for extra money for himself. When I spoke to the third manager, he asked me if we could resolve this by allowing the technician to leave and sending a manager and another technician out tomorrow morning. We agreed bc we just wanted this entire nightmare to be over.

We told the police that it would be ok for the guy to leave bc your manager promised to fix the issue in the morning. Later this evening I received a phone call from Jennifer in your compliance and ethics department, informing me that she wasn't going to send a manager and another technician out to fix the mess the last technician made until they are done investigating his "claim" that my husband threw a cell phone at him. This is totally ridiculous since my husband was the one who called the police bc your technician tried to forcefully enter our home. And why would the police force the technician to stay on the property until we resolved the issue with your managers??

The police wouldn't let him leave bc of the mess and damages, at least until we came to a resolution with the managers. Her iniquitous attitude showed me that she didn't care about how this was a huge inconvenience to us and she really wasn't interested in what really happened. I know that we were lied to by the managers, in order to let the technician go. The technician lied after he tried to manipulate my husband into paying him extra for doing his job.

So now we have wires all over our home and our directv satellite is left disassembled on the side of the house over your technician wanting $50. We just switched our business television over from directv to dish and thought it would be ideal to have it in our home as well. My family and I are so regretful for this decision. I have never felt so disrespected.

Your managers and technician had such an impertinent attitude towards us is beyond shameful.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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