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I have been with Dish for yeard and their bills are always being raised without telling me, the offer programs then drop.without notice. I try dealing with them but its always a rep in the Philippines who doesnt speak great english.

Now my vable to the satellite after 2 years is hanging due to the clips they used are plastic and over time have broke I called them and they said it would be 95.00 to put new clips on the building to get cable off the ground in which they hung it 3 ft up I told them no. I am looking for new ssrvice Dish is terrible their billing is not consistent, their cust service is terrible so shop around and stay away as I have had nothing but problems with them. I agreed to a certain amount and they just charge my credit card more than agreed amount and they do it sneaky 5.00 here 5.00 there. I am so didcusted siyh them it would take about 2.00 in parts and 10 mins to fix and they want 95.00 to fix their plastic jink and terrible installation.

I despise dish and will be so glad to have them out of my life. They dont care, and do not back their work or product

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Mesa, Arizona, United States #944331

On average, the cost just for a technician to knock on your door costs the company more than $200, when all fees are assessed. Any work performed, and that price gradually goes up, so even with the $95 technician visit fee, you are getting a discount, even if it is for some new connectors and minimal work.

You could call a retailer to come do it, but that is typically more as they will charge you for parts, time spent on the job, time to and from job, and gas to and from job. As you can see the prices start adding up. Another option, you could try and hang it yourself. If the parts are cheap at a local home improvement store, that should be simple enough.

Lastly, you could also add the protection plan for $8/month for a 6 month period, and then they will likely waive the entire tech visit(or reduce to $10). As you can see, the options are there, but considering you admitted you are no longer in warranty, you will not find any company to do work for free.

As far as pricing goes, they hve remained the lowest cost leader, compared to ALL major providers. Their bills are consistent from month to month, but if you have discounts or credits, those do expire.

Look at the actual charges. Just like any MVPD, you will see a minimum of 1 price increase per year, as the cost of the channels carried are not owned by Dish, and their cost goes up. The "disappearing channels", I think you are referencing the free preview. Those are channels you are not paying for, and receiving for a short period of time.

You can view those at channel 103 or mydish.com/perks, to stay up to date on them. If you are talking about the blackouts, blame the channel owners that pull their channels, rather than extend the channels while negotiations take place. They know if they pull the channel, and use the customer as a pawn, then those customers will leave DIsh and cause finanacial harm. Dish cannot carry a channel without a contract with the owner, as that would be illegal.

So your blame is misplaced, as I beleive you want this service to do everything for you, but do not want to pay anything in return. Unfortunately, that is not how any business works.

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