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I have been with Dish Network for over 10 years. I moved to a location where the dish could not be installed.

I was going to cancel my service of International channels that I had with Dish but the representative over the phone told me they will offer me $50/month off my bill for the next year if I continue to stay with Dish. I told the representative that I cannot install Dish at my new place so what good will that do to me. The representative stated that I can put my Dish account on freeze for about $5 a month and whenever I am ready to unfreeze the account I will be offered that discount. Therefore I went ahead and put my account on freeze because I knew I was going to be moving again in less than a year so I could take advantage of this offer.

Couple months later there was miscommunication with a representative from Dish network where I thought my service would be still on freeze if I returned my receiver. I went ahead and returned my receiver. Now that it's time for me to move and take advantage of the offer I was given, Dish tells me that my account has been closed and and I need restart my service again. In addition to that they cannot provide me that offer as well because my service is cancelled.

I spoke to a supervisor over the phone and he was very rude as well. He told me he cannot offer me whatever I was told I will be offered. I am so upset with Dish Network. This is what I get for being loyal and staying with the company for so long and my account ends up being cancelled due to some confusion.

If I had to cancel my service I would have done so without even putting my account on freeze. I have been telling family members and friends about Dish and gave them positive feedback about it but it seems like it's time I need to start the negative word of mouth advertising due to my experience even when being loyal for over 10 years.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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