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Internet hasn't streamed properly in forever. The few time that it would stream the next few days I get an email.

Oh ! you've used 100% of your data your connection or whatever will be significantly reduced which in essence means I have paid $65 for a month of usage and only get a few days truly where it that fair and over a year of dishtv please before I get real mad I want out a library, coffeehouse, or any other fast food place beats the *** out of this. As soon as possible dishtv I want out and I won't be back. Same as I did for cell phone I went prepaid will do same for Internet if I have to.

They just contract you in and so you can't leave but you're doomed if things go wrong.

Gotta pay to get out...... I'm so done!

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You pay for so many gigs of internet a month. If you use that up, then you have gotten what you paid for for that month. You can pay more and buy tokens butt you'll get what you pay for.

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