I don't know where to begin. I signed up with dish on 8/12/14.

I had the clear impression that I had 30 days to return dish if I wasn't happy. But no! No1 mentions that. Why should they?

Who gives you 30 days these days to return something? Right? After the install that took 4 hours, the guy was in a hury because wife kept calling. He pulled out his huge phone and said sign here and here to say the install is complete.

He also mentioned "oh and the other stuff like your contract". I signed and he was jamming out door. I stopped him to ask him his opinion on internet providers. I told him I was thinking of getting at&t.

He the said do you have internet now? I said yes I have comcast. He said "oh good thing you mentioned something, I need to hook hour internet/cable back up". I said thank you so much.

Then he said comcast was best to stay with. He left. I went inside my house and was trying to check my email n stuff. Internet wouldnt come up.

I kept trying all night. I just want to say I'm not trying to throw this guy under bus. He was a very nice guy. So i called comcast 8/13/14 to report the issue.

I explained to her that dish came out to install dish and they had hook up my comcast. The women said "this happens all the time". You mean dish on purpose disconects or messes up cable wires? She said she didn't know that part.

She said she would send some1 out to hopefully resolve the issue but would cost me $50! Oh no way am I going to pay for for them to pay for their mess up! And what if comcast comes out and messes up dishes wires? So I called dish 8/13/14 after I hung up with Comcast.

This is where things get really crazy! I told the first guy the situation and wanted someone to back and fix the problem. His response was "mam we don't touch comcast cables, therefore we can't help you". He told me I needed to call comcast to resolve their issue.

Omg! I went crazy. I said are you calling me a liar? The guy said crystal clear to me he had to hook my comcast back together.

And he kept arguing with me basically calling me a liar. So I said am I done arguing please cancel my order. He said ok but that's going to cost you $480. What????

He said to me when you signed after the installation you agreded to a 2 year deal. I said I know that. But i have 30 days. His response was no you don't.

We don't give you a free trial. I can't believe how deceiving they are. This can't be legal I kept saying to myself. So I demanded to talk to supervisor.

He got on the phone 15 minutes later. I had to start over with my story. And guess what, he said the same thing to me. Thats when I broke down in tears and was literally shaking.

I can't believe I feel for this ***. I feel ***. So I bucked up and said if you don't cancel my service I'm calling lawyer and will rip this company to shreds on the internet. He immediately said to me "mam I'm going to send you to the presidents office, hold on please".

I said why are you sending me the presidents office? His response was because you mentioned your going to get a lawyer. Cool. So 20 minutes later she gets on.

Very polite and respectful to me. She said she was going to research what happened. i asked her what she was researching, was it the phone conversation? She said yes and notes.

She came back on 2 minutes later and said ok we are going to cancel your service. Wow! Just like that? I'm so relived but I feel awful for everything.

The guy that did the install was a good guy and told her that and said please don't fire him. I'm sure it was an accident with the cables. Oh and she was not happy when I told her I couldn't send the equipment back because there are 9 cinder blocks! A pole, a large rack.

Luckily she made an appointment for someone to come and get the equipment. This company cares about one thing obviously- deception-to lock you in two years! I hope someone comes Friday to get this stuff.

I can't have this headache in my life, but this is just plain wrong. They are cons!

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