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I have only had my service for about 6 months and I am moving & they don't offer Internet service where I am moving so my only option is Time Warner Cable. They will not let me out of my contract and I have to pay them $380.00 even though I wasn't cancelling my service for any other reason than they don't offer internet.

I can't believe they would punish me for something that is out of my hands!!!!! What a horrible way to conduct business, I would NEVER recommend this company and I will tell ANYBODY that is thinking of going with this company DONT do it!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your contract is based on your primary address where you signed the agreement for. By you moving to a location that does not have access(line of site) would be you changing the terms, this in violation of the contract if cancelled.

Dish is abiding by what they promised you. 2 years of service at the address you signed up at.

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