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We had cable on Friday but had a hard time with two channels. A tech.

came out to "fix it" and that he did. Lol we no longer have any cable channels. And the guy that came out said we won't have cable until a neighbor that lives across the street would have to cut down their tree in order for us to get our cable back or we could get an upgrade. We were told someone would come out today to fix it again.

Almost a week later. And still this guy said the same thing. Keep in mind we have had cable with dish network for 15 years. One representative said if we didn't like it we could go somewhere else.

These people are crooks and terrible to loyal customers. We still have no cable going on a week now. But I'm sure they will keep charging us. Pathetic really!!!

If we don't get our cable back soon. I promise to spread the word every second of the day that I can all over the internet and to anyone that will listen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

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I've had a chance to review your situation and would be happy to help you if I could please get your account number and four-digit PIN at so I can have a look and see what I can do.

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