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One reading this review can accurately say that I am a disgruntled ex employee that was fired a week before Christmas. Nevertheless, I can site hundreds of cases where Dish worked to overcharge long standing customers and deceive people to get them to become new customers.

Often people would call because of charges to their bill that Dish network according to their own records agreed to drop. Yet customers continued to billed for services that were not received or charged more for a service than was agrred to when the customers initially signed up.

Moreover, alot of senior citizens signed with Dish to pay less that they were paying with a prior provider, in order to stem monthly cost. Too often people on fixed incomes were paying more after hidden charges and ended up with no services because they plainly could not afford the extra cost of using Dish.

Many of those folks had their credit ruined by Dish because of verbal commitments of 24 months.

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I understand your frustration. It is not easy for anyone to lose a job let alone right before the holidays. I wanted to clarify a few things for customers who may have questions regarding these concerns. We offer promotions to customers when they sign up with us, some of these promotions require you to cancel or remove the service or programming that was offered originally at no charge.

If these channels or services are not removed you will than be billed the normal monthly rates for them. When you sign up there is a lot of information that is provided and I understand how easily things can be over looked. We try to provide detailed billing to show you each item that you are being charged for and how much it is. We make every effort to give you information regarding these promotions via phone, print, and online.

If for some reason you can not find details on the particular promotion you are interested in you can always verify it with an agent over the phone or online. Most of our promotions will require a 24 month commitment, this will be not only a verbal agreement but a written contract customers sign off on as well. If you are not getting a channel due to a technical issue we have tech support available online or by phone 24 hours a day. If a customer cancels their account while in contract there would be a cancel fee applied.

We take pride in being the lowest all digital TV provider, even after your promotional period.

I hope this helps clear up the confusion. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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