I too got scamed by dish, I sat on the phone for half hour as they went over the agreement I agreed to but never did they mention they could raise the price whenever they felt like it with no notice. Thought after seeing the commercials of them accusing Direct Tv of the same thing they are guilty of which is hidden fees and lying.

My agreement was $39 for year one and $69 year after. I can't get anybody on the phone who speaks English as a first language and they are rude. The first year everything was fine and the beginning of the 2nd year was fine until month 15 when they all of a sudden raised it to $79 with no notice. I was paying $64 which was $5 cheaper than agreement cause I did auto bill pay, then with no notice my payment jumped from $64 to $79 which is a $15 hike with no notice which overdrew my bank account cause I only had the $64 in their.

Good luck cause the sweet girl who speaks English you talk to when you sign up is just a ploy and not who yo!u d;eal with once you sign the contract. The guy who installed it was also rude and made me take my dogs out who were no:t bothering him at all cause he wasn't fond of pitbulls.

Hard to go take 4 dogs out and handle alone for hours just cause you don't like dogs. Dish sucks and are hypocraites

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i'd make you take them out just in case as well not cuz there pitts

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I've gone over your post and if you could please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com, it would be my pleasure to review it to see what we have going on! I'll look forward to speaking with you and getting this all straightened out!

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