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All i'm getting for my money is a steady bombardment of the same shows over and over everyday,they just put them on a different channel.And in order to watch them i have to be driven to the point of insanity by having to put up with the commercials that are repeated every 5 minutes until you can't take it anymore and turn it off.

All of my friends do the same thing.

Just what are we paying for?They want to charge me another $100.00 for a DVR and i've been with them for over two years.


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I have been with Dish for 13 yeaes and they have ripped me off 4every way possible.There DVR'S are all absolete.

They said they had no clames department when the installer fried my flat screen tv , and self paid fpr DVR. now they say they only go back 2 years. I tried to cancil over 25 times and thwre cancilation deparment is down, I have been held hostoge .

I just want the damage they did replaced , and to quit giving me excuses why I am having this awlfull experience.TRUE IT ALL REPEATS , AS WELL AS THERE EXCUSES...BOTOM LINE IS : THERE 100% RIPOFFS...


I just signed up with Dish Network.The rep was wonderful.

Walked me through I thought....and I got all scheduled and paid. The problem was once the bill was emailed to me they neglected to tell me anything about auto bill pay. If I did not do auto bill pay they would now charge me another $10 per month. I know it is not much...but $240 for the whole contract is alot, not to mention the principal of it all.

They call the $10 a bonus for being paperless (never mentioning auto bill pay) and we discussed this over and over. I even spoke with a manager regarding this, as I had to pay for it on my first payment then once I go and sign up to be "paperless" then each bill would credited $10. Again, no mention of auto bill pay. I am paperless with other companies but that does not mean auto bill pay.

I call right back one receiving my receipt and they said too bad. Either auto or you pay the $10. I canceled. Now just waiting for my credit.....If I did business like this I too would have unhappy customers.

They would not work with me either. Again it is the principal.

Guess I will stick with Directv....Dish did not want my business that bad.I will surely let all my friends know to BEWARE!


Changed from att they offered same package at less price. After installation was informed of options not available with dish. Too bad for me I was told already signed a contract!

Beware of DISH


A pamphlet came in the mail guaranteeing me a rate of about $25 a month for the first year and $40 for the second year. Three times in the first year my rate was jumped up to $30. Each time I called and it was lowered again to $25. Each call takes about 20 minutes or more because of the extensive menu process and then being repeatedly put on hold.

During the second year my rate was jumped from $40 to $45 twice and I called both times and it was returned to the guaranteed $40 a month, but only after going through a long menu/hold process each time.

Last month the bill was back up to $45 again and I called and was told "too bad. You have to pay it". I didn't, I sent $40 as usual and today the new bill came in with the unpaid $5 from last month added in.

So I called and finally got hold of an "account rep" and told her to cancel my account. To make this story short, she lied to me repeatedly, kept asking questions that had nothing to do with anything, and did everything she could to fend off the closing of the account even after I ORDERED her to do so repeatedly.

Finally I told her to cancel or return my monthly bill to $40, and she agreed to do so for the next 3 months, and reverse my existing bill back to $40 per month. Now, when the service was set up, I modified the contract to 1 year instead of the two years, and the person working for Dish Network accepted it. He also failed to give me the copy of it that I'm entitled to, which I think is a violation of Federal law.

The rep on the phone insisted to me that I had no right to modify that contract, which is a lie. I have the right to modify ANY contract before I sign it. We all do. The other party can then either accept it as modified or refuse to provide the service. He accepted it.

Dish Network makes it as difficult as they can to cancel their service while at the same time constantly jacking up the cost of it in violation of their agreement, citing a clause in the contract that "prices are subject to change". However, that's in direct conflict with their initial offering as presented, that the price is $25 for the first year and $40 for the second year, and the "price subject to INCREASE" part is NEVER MENTIONED BY ANYONE when this is being set up.

This is deceptive and unfair marketing practices, by a company run by people who are unconcerned with honesty and fairness, and I bet a judge would agree and force them to straighten up and fly right.


I am so fed up with DISH!!! I have been with them 10mths and just received my FIRST!!! bill ever I would get a different price everytime Iwould call them and the supervisor would admit they told me wrong but would not give a discount or go with the price I was given earlier(5min)that day so I wouldnt wish dish on my enemy



I apologize there was so much confusion regarding your pricing. We make every effort to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers. There are some situations that may cause your bill to increase or change; expiration of promotions, price increases, additional receivers, additional features, additional programming. If you have any other questions please let us know. If you still have concerns about your bill or an increase you can email me.


I apologize about the confusion regarding your contract. When you sign up with us we require that you keep a basic package for 24 months. If you put your account on pause (no programming) for 6 months you will still have to full fill the full 24 months of basic programming so this will extend your time with us. For example if you have account 12 months and remove all programming (pause) and do not pay for programming, when you come back from vacation you will still need to full fill 12 more months of programming. If you have any other questions please let us know. If you still have concerns about your 24 month contract you can email me.


why are you *** still standing someone like me and other need to shut yall *** down


They are a rip off!My 24.99 package has jumped to 45.99 a month!

Every other channel is the same show with a different channel number.

They say its because of the $6.00 charge....Really, something is not adding up here.


I put my service on Pause Via the Online chat as was gone for the winter. Now I return to find my contract extended 6 months due to this well I asked if there would be any extensions in contract right in chat. Well now I cancelled due to this and they say that rep wasn't correct well low and behold I have the chat log printed So please come after me dish I welcome it OH PS the card on file has since been expired so try billing that !


Sticker bob,

As of 02/01, the price of all American and Latin basic package prices were increased by $5.00.

The programming we provide is owned by other companies, and our prices are based on what we must pay those companies. Though costs can change when contracts are renegotiated, we work hard to keep them as low as possible.

We continue to offer the lowest everyday price in the pay-TV industry, saving our customers money every month as compared to our competitors!

What sets us apart is that we are also taking two unprecedented actions by giving customers 1) a price freeze on all DISH America and America's Top packages (excluding AEP) until 2013 and 2) 12 months of free premium programming! None of our competitors can say anything like that!

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Alicia Brink

DISH Network

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