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These guys are a total rip off! NEVER use them!

First off the installation company promised me $50 a month. I NEVER got that price.

Secondly he told me that I needed to "buy" a roof mount from him for $50, which I paid directly to him. Only to find out 2 years later it was supposed to be part of my installation package!

Third - they told me a second (non dvr) box would be $6 a month. It was $11. When I discovered this 2 years later they said that it was more because the box could be hooked into 2 TV's. I told them that I didn't own 4 TV's and the installer KNEW that. The phone rep said that all their "single" channel boxes were taken and there was a big backlog, which is why he put that box in. So why was I charged for it if it was Dish Network's fault that the product wasn't available?

Fourth - when I canceled the service the technician standing in my house would not take the DVR away. He said it had to be shipped back. I called Dish and they sent a box. Now 3 MONTHS LATER they are trying to bill me $16.50 for the shipping! They claim that it was "disclosed" to me! I said it never was and all I got was the "supervisor" saying that her notes from previous calls state that they told me! Talk about guilty until proven innocent! Where do I go with that argument! In MY call center the pull the call to listen to the original message if something doesn't sound right.

Fifth - I asked for a refund of my stolen $50 for the roof mount and was told that it was done by an "independent retailer" with a Dish contract and therefore I had to go back to them! So, now I'm supposed to call the guy who stole from me and call him a thief and demand my money back? Yea right!

Dish Network is a JOKE! If you ask for a supervisor you will wait 30 minutes. I just did. And then they won't even help you out! Stay far, far away from their services.

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize there was so much confusion regarding your pricing. We make every effort to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers. There are some situations that may cause your bill to increase or change; price increases, additional receivers, additional features, additional programming.

We have independent retailers that customers can elect to use, if there is a charge from the retailer you would have to contact them since the funds were never provided to DISH Network. If you still have concerns about your bill or an increase you can email me at


Sounds like you definitely got a contractor and dealt with a retailer. The best option in the future would be to request an internal technician, since Dish does not allow its techs to receive any money from customers. And you're right: all aspects of the installation are absolutely free, apart from the lease of the receivers and the monthly service fee.


That sucks. Like most people in this site, you did this to yourself.

I got an install that I didn't like and so I didn't sign anything. They gave me the receivers I wanted. You got a crappy install and you signed the paper anyway.

That sucks that you did all this to yourself.

Lesson learned: Don't sign anything until you read it and are happy with what is going on.

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