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Why in the world can you not change the channel while recording another channel? It's so pointless to use another t.v to do so, how you know somebody isn't watching the other t.v?

HELLO!!!!! This is terrible. Comcast, Direct T.v, ATT Uverse, everyone can do it w/o any problems EXCEPT DISH -____-

Y'all need a do better sticker, because this is pure bull!! Do you know how many times i've had to sacrafice watching something else b/c i couldn't record when i needed to?

Apparently not. If you guys want to keep business up,running & progressive , i suggest you guys make some improvements on your equiptment


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I'd be happy to help you with your concern! It sounds like you have a duo receiver, which has two tuners.

If one tuner is being occupied with the recording of a program, the other one is available for either live TV or recording a different program. In order to watch live TV and record a program at the same time on one TV, switch the mode on the receiver from duo to solo.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, please email me at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can provide you with further assistance. Thank you and enjoy your day!

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