Do not get Dish Network! This truly is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

Their customer service ranks the absolute lowest. They lie about packages they offer, and the price you pay is not worth it. Please if you have any sense, go with another company. It is not worth all of the headaches they cause.

I truly hate this company, and can not wait for the day that I no longer have this service. I am so close to paying my way out of tis contract, because I hate it so much! Horrible, rotten, the bottom of the bunch.

Do not use them! You have been warned!

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Worst company ever :( they always give you new channels and then they take them away every single time . It's so annoying!!!! I am extremely tired of dish network :cry


this company is the worst of the worst it stink!!!! :( they charge u for channles thats i didnt ask for, then expect u to pay them wtf is wrong with dish i can go on and on about how much i hate this company but there not worth the exposure. if u smart just pay more money for other cable company dish sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hate Dish with a passion. So I had verison and needed something cheaper.

I called dish and this women was friendly and nice. I asked them questions about there channale offers and she told me the offer the same stuff as verison. She told me about all this free stuff and serivce we get. I told her we still had verison and she said no prob.

They come out the next day and tear up my house and re wire everything!!! Chop a big hole in my roof for their Dish! I wanted to think about it, but they came to our house without me sayin that I want it. I call them out to cancell and they won't come pick up the equipment and they won't unhook their stuff and hook everthing up like before.

Plus they broke the law by using verisons equipment to power theirs! OMG it has been a nightmare. We sittin in a house with nothing now! I called Verison and their going to reinstall our stuff.

What I'm most pissed off about is all the fees that they charged and I wouldn't get the money back untill I give the equipmet back. So now I gotta ship the stuff, but I need the money that they took back cuz I'm really low.

*** person on the phone lied, never get Dish network EVER EVER EVER EVER! I'll stick with Version for another two years thank you!

to Jonathan Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States #677315

Just go with DIRECTV.

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