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I am a new dish network customer and I am so pissed about how this dvr works, the whole point in having a dvr is to record and be able to watch other programs while recording however it doesnt work that way, and I'm only pissed because it wasnt explained to me in the correct way, had it been explained correctly i wouldnt be on here complaining because I wouldnt have their crappy service. They need to let people know the truth instead of getting customers in the wrong way....this to me is a ripoff once you have a contract you dont want to cancel because who wants to owe them what could end up being 200.00 to 400.00 dollars...what I would like to do is take they *** to court to be able to cancel my contract!!!!!

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Man people are ***!

The DVR's have two tuners. If you are using one, ie to record a program, you can't use it to watch live tv. You had your dvd hooked up to two rooms, so that both tuners are being used to watch live tv? That's your issue. You can do these things:

1) Switch your box to single mode. On the front should be a button that says "mode". You will probably have a screen come up on the tv that verifies you want to do this. If you say yes, then both tvs will be watching the same thing all the time, but your second tuner will always be free to record, never interrupting you unless you are simultaneously recording two programs.

watching the same thing on both tv's sucks too, right? then...

2) Purchase, lease, rent, etc a separate dvr for each room. You had the option when you signed up, and depending on your type of account (based on creditworthiness) you may still have that option. Because all dvrs have two tuners, you would again never run into a recording unless you were recording two things at the same time. The people on the phone and web that sign you up have absolutely no idea what they are talking about most of the time, and would not be able to comprehend what you said if you called without already knowing what you wanted.

Too costly? Then...

3)In your menu, under preferences, there will be an option to switch which tv is your default for recording. You can make sure that it's the tv that is watched less frequently. It does absolutely nothing for your issue, other than make sure it happens most frequently to the tv you watch less.

Confused? Only one option left...

4) Live with it or cancel. If you can't get a DVR for each room, or just a regular box for the room you don't care about having a dvr in, then you just have to face that that's how it is or move on to someone else. No CSR will be able to change it for you, no tech will be able to come up with some magic fix. This is the system,those are the only solutions, and life is going to continue.

This problem is why no other tv provider uses their dvrs as two-room receivers. It's not that it's really a big problem, but the people that fail to understand what the customers want, and the customers that don't understand how the equipment functions (really hard to do when you are signing up and have never even seen the equipment) can't get together and work this out. Don't let some CSR that's never done anything but read the script and when you go off they send out a tech tell you there's another way, there isn't. Wish life was better, but hey, it's just tv, right?



I definitely understand how confusing equipment can be. When you get a DVR, in the 'My Recordings' list should be a video on the features of your DVR. You can also look at channel 101 for tips on how to use various features on the DVR.

If you have any questions about the equipment, or the account please let me know and I will be happy to assist you.

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative

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