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My husband is up for deployment and Dish Network wants to penalize us over a technicality. I didn't put the account in his name when I started my subscription and they're telling me I can't switch it to his name in order to cancel our sub with no penalty.

On top of the stress and sadness that goes along with my husband deploying, I have to deal with something as trivial as television.

Thanks a lot, Dish. I will make sure every service member I ever come into contact with knows how you feel about our heroes. Facebook, Twitter, message boards, not to mention all those spousal support groups...

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I am a veteran. This is a life lesson, NOT a anti-military problem.

In any situation (military or not) the person signing the contract is responsible to abide by the terms of the contract. If the husband had signed the contract and it had a military clause that, by showing deployment orders, would release him of contractual obligations, then you both would have been good to go.

I'm not saying that what Dish Network is doing is morally right, but it is legally right. Sorry


I've just set up a website for those of us who are having issues with Dish Network go to You will be prompted to register, there is no fee, after that you can post you comments to the site. I will do my best to make sure Dish Network sees them all.

chrissy a
Sheffield, Massachusetts, United States #229697

Thank you, Michael. I just emailed you at the address given. I hope you can help more than the others at Customer Service.


Hello Chrissy a, my name is Mike Houston of DISH Network customer service. I apologize for having a bad customer service experience.

We would be more than willing to help out with the account.

Please contact me at this e-mail

Thank you

chrissy a
Sheffield, Massachusetts, United States #229566

That would be "got off" the phone. I guess my frustration is affecting my typing.

chrissy a
Sheffield, Massachusetts, United States #229565

Just og toff the phone with Customer Service person 5. I was on hold for several minutes, only to be hung up on.

I wonder how many renewals Dish Network gets with Customer Service like that.

They don't want to deal with a customer, so they just disconnect. Amazing.

Sheffield, Massachusetts, United States #229564

Good to know.

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