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I am posting this to express my disatisfaction with Dish Network. I have had nothing but problems since purchasing the dish network service.

The purchase I made through their internet "E-partner" misrepresented the service I received in regard to programming. Secondly, the service has been horrible with poor reception in both sunny and rainy weather (I am currently in my four consecutive day without service). Thier ads comment that weather is not a problem with Dish. This is not even close to an accurate statement.

Dish Network is falsely represnting themselves as a viable alternative to cable. I never had problems when I was a ComCast customer (rain or shine). And thier claim to have lower monthly premiums is a blatant lie. When calling the company, after installation, to express my concern over thier inability to provide the promised service, I was threatened with a steep penalty if I tried to pull out of my contract; however, there was never an attempt to rectify the false claims by dish network.

I am forwarding my complaint to the Federal Trade Commission concerning my experience with Dish Network and it's "E-partners" who are selling packages online promising services that it cannot provide. Dish Network should be ashamed at the way it practices business.

I am looking forward to the day that my contract is up. The Dish Network company is horrible!!

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Bonner-West Riverside, Montana, United States #24744

I also had issues with Dish Network over their Billing "practices". They put as much useless information into a bill in order to confuse the client.

I still have an $8.73 credit(due to interrupted service) that has never been taken off my actual bill.

It got credited one month and re-billed the next.

But as to the poor reception; I've only experience lost of signal in the heaviest of downpours.

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