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They convince you to go with them with all these "sweet" deals,but it's a bunch of B.S. They shut my cable off after I paid the bill,and when I called them to find out why, I was told that I had to pay another $140 because my service fees went up.

This was a surprise bill,and I was never informed in advance that I had to pay this. I have never heard of this being done,and it's very bad business.Also,if you don't do their customer service satisfaction surveys,it gives customer service ammo to be rude and unhelpful to the customer. The service itself sucks,and always has interruptions.

If there's rain,or snow,your service won't work.They constantly raise their prices,and they are not worth your money. Stay away from them,because they are the worst company to deal with.I give them a serious thumbs down!!!

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You sound like a person just trying to make excuses on why you didn't pay your bill man up just pay your bill I have dish never received a surprise bill.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #708834

Hi there Lilyholiday, my name is Kimberly and I form part of the Social Media Department with DISH. I regret the inconvenience you have experienced with our service and will love to look into this for you and provide you the best possible resolution. Please email me directly at: with your account information so I can further look into this for you. I'd love to be given the opportunity to better your experience with us.

Kimberly Escobar

Social Media Representatice


to Kimesco_DISH Payson, Arizona, United States #708840

I'm sorry,but there really isn't anything to resolve. I have been more than patient with this company and I am done playing games with the rude customer service,and the fact that I get a surprise bill after i had just paid my bill 4 days before that...It's bad business when you get a surprise bill that you weren't informed of and then the service gets shut off 4 days after the bill was paid.

I have already reported this to the BBB. No thanks I don't want your business,especially if I am going to be mislead and ripped off.

i gave up my old cable company for this ***,and I regret it now. i should have never given DISH my business.

to Anonymous Aurora, Colorado, United States #709268

I truly regret the inconvenience. You have my information, if you would like for me to review anything feel free to let me know.

Kimberly Escobar

Social Media Representative


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