We signed up for a two year Dish package. When we signed up, we knew we were moving in a year.

Dish said "no problem, moving is no hassle". We buy a house, move in, and Dish doesn't have service in that area. I call Dish....they refuse to let us out of our two year contract. They continue to bill us for services we can't get.

To cancel is a $400 penalty.

When I talk to them on the phone, it doesn't matter who I talk to, all I get is "it's not our fault you moved". When I bring up the absurdity of paying for a service I can't get, they don't care.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Hi my name is Mike Houston a Social Media Representative at DISH. I understand this can be frustrating and I am happy to explain.

When a customer signs up for DISH they agree to carry it for at least two years. If they decide to move within those two years, and our technicians cannot find a line of sight, the customer will be responsible for the remaining months in the agreement. Our Technicians will do everything in their power to install you the customer in their new home.

If there are trees close to the house or mountains blocking the line of sight, it will affect the customer getting a good signal.


Funny Mann

No service? Did you move into a cave?

All you need is access to the sky and you get service. I would try again someone is bullshitting you.

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