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I was contacted for a free DVR upgrade, that would also grant me a $10 reduction in my bill over 3 months.

Nowhere was it expressed that this meant that I would be enlisted into a 2 year contract under threat of a $300 penalty if I were to cancel it.

I had no previous contract with Dish, just a month to month agreement, and was actively looking into a better, more competitive ATT solution. I am now deprived of my consumer freedom of choice of service for 2 years. (This was not an installation, just a simple DVR unit upgrade).

Many calls to Dish Network resulted in concerned representatives expressing apologies, but not able to void the contract, even when I had called within 24 hrs of the upgrade for the first complaint.

The upgrade was useless since the installer didn't want to install the DVR on the only Digital TV. My consumer rights have been taken away as I am reluctantly locked in a 2 years contract with a $300 cancelation penalty.

You can read similar stories on many web sites. This is a widespread campaign of deception and abuse by Dish Network. This anti-competitive and anti-consumer behavior will continue until stricter rules on oversight of Cable/TV providers are passed.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #820304

Nothing deceptive going on here other then people not reading anything or paying attention. I have had both DISH and Directv perfer DISH all the way and both had two year agreements, I read it online when looking at packages and signed the agreement when installed. Also had to confirm that in order confirmation, read and pay attention people.


If you spent half the time carefully reading (and rereading) your contract that you do whining about your situation then 9/10 times you will find a fatal flaw (aka a loophole) that will let you void the contract. For instance, on my Dishnetwork contract, it specifies that I must INITIAL the clause which would lock me into a 2-year agreement.

Instead of my initials, there is a radio button. This is not acceptance of the 2-year agreement, despite what Dishnetwork losers tell me.

A service agreement is just that....an acceptance of a certain service in exchange for money. Get on the ball and empower yourself instead of acting like a helpless infant.


How can this unscrupulous company (Dish Network)continue to abuse their customers? Isn't their a government agency who can protect us against this abuse?


My daughter has DISH. Recently her and my grandson had severe carbon monoxide poisoning due to the old house she is renting and the home needs a complete over haul and renovation.

Both of them have been in and out of treatment the last 2 months and in bad health. Due to this emergency she called DISH to cancel her contract due to this emergency. She is moving to a location that DISH is not available as it is located in a remote wooded area.

DISH was very rude from the customer service rep to the supervisors. They said absolutely NO for getting out of this contract even due to their horrible injuries and the home is unliveable.

to Liz G Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #820308

Remote area, I have relatives in probably the most remote areas around and they have DISH. This makes no sense that it is too remote, they have DISH in remote areas in Africa for gods sake. Its a shame you had a bad experience but this has never been mine or the people I know


I had Dish network and they suck, the install was bad and they kept coming out to fix it, and wanted to charge me each time to fix their own bad install and faulty equipment. I'm not with directv and would never go back to dish network - they suck!!!

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