I was recently calling around to inquire about tv service alternatives to cable. I spoke with Direct TV, Verizon and Dish Network and provided each with the information that they claimed they needed to see what I qualified for so I could make an informed decision as to what direction I would go.

The following day I discovered that Dish Network had charged my bank account $199.00 although I had never ordered service or authorized them to do so. This caused over $175.00 in overdraft charges and though they said that they would refund the $199.00 they would do nothing about the overdraft fees that their error caused. Trying to get anything done about it at all was a long frustratingly drawn out affair and offered very little satisfaction.

I would recommend that anyone considering doing business with this company to reconsider do to their fraudulent practices and extremely poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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Redlands, California, United States #48857

:eek thats unbelievable... and ridiculously ridiculous!!!!


IF you can get DISH to refund the charge (and thats a big IF), then your bank will refund the overdraft charges - banks are required by law to reverse overdraft/transfer from savings fees when the overdraft is caused by an erroneous transaction. If the charge is reversed, this is prima facie proof that the charge is erroneous, and results in the bank being forced to credit the fees back.

Be warned though - bank's computers are great at automatically applying the OD fee, but when the charge is reversed "some" banks computers don't automatically reverse the OD fees. Make sure to call the bank after you see DISH has posted the charge back to ensure your fees are credited as well.

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