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I called to cancel my Dish Network today. This was after having been a customer of theirs for about 7 years. I pay my bills on time, I haven't asked for additional discounts, I've been a very good customer. We're trying to cut back on our bills, we're living on one income because of a layoff one year ago. After two phone conversations and two "chat" conversations with Dish Network, we were not able to reduce our monthly fees without losing channels we watch frequently.

I called DirectTV and found I was able to get the channels we watched for half of what the Dish Network fees were. I talked to Dish Network again, and still no improvement in the monthly fee. I then signed up with DirectTV. It is due to be installed tomorrow.

Tonight, I called Dish Network to have them disconnect our service tomorrow evening. The gentleman I spoke with said service would be cancelled at whatever time I specified, that disconnects are done at midnight. I arranged to have it disconnected tomorrow at midnight.

Well, I guess I'm just TOO TRUSTING .... as soon as I got off the phone, my service was totally disconnected. I immediately called back, another rep said they always disconnect immediately, and not at a pre-arranged time. He offered to reconnect service if I paid a month's service fee, then I could call back tomorrow and cancel. I asked to speak to his supervisor, he said "good luck" when he transferred me. The supervisor could not reconnect without a $100 charge since it was already disconnected, and there was no additional person/supervisor to speak to.

Do not believe Dish Network customer service reps ..... they lied to me tonight and they will never have my business again. I will also make sure everyone I can reach on the internet or my personal friends know that Dish is not to be trusted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

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did you lease the equipment or did you buy it outright? If it is leased, they can charge you for equipment not returned within 10 days of stop services.

The eye is the dish is part that!!! Something for you to think about!!!


OMG! The person that wrote: Dish Network lied to me...

This is so similiar what happened to me.

I have a facebook acct and is making everyone aware that Dish TV network is the worst company to deal with. I first decided to cancel my service with Dish and chatted with a couple of customer service reps on 2 different occasions, I was with them for over 3 years. Could not offer me any specials. I called Direct Tv and got them to come out and start me service.

I chatted with Dish TV and told them to cancel my service. I heard horror stories from the installer about Dish installers, said they use refurbished equipment and that the servicemen really *** up your house to install the unit as well. Since I canceled my service in May, they kept billing me through my credit card they had on file. Long story, now the ending.

I have been waiting for my $160 credit they said they owed me, they agreed I would receive that amount. Never got my credit. Called back and asked why I didnt get it, said they only owed me $90.00. Every time I called them I ALWAYS go another answer.

So I started to document our chats. I got a refund yesterday for $63.00. Wondering where the balance of my money was. Said they could not refund the balance and could'nt tell me why.

Talked to a supervisor who said I would get the balance of my monies due of $93.00 now again I am waiting. How can a company be so crooked and still be in business.

Make sure your document everything with your conversation and keep records of times and dates. I plan to file a complaint with BBB and with the local FCC.

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