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WOW, I can't believe a Dish Network customer service guy just told me a big fat lie! I was on the phone cancelling my Dish subscription as they removed AMC from their channel line up.

I told him I was going with Direct TV instead and he told me there was no point in changing to Direct TV as they were dropping AMC before the end of July! I checked with Direct TV who told me they have no ongoing contract negotiations with AMC at all at the moment so will not be dropping AMC anytime soon.

So either the customer service guy has dreamed this up on his own or Dish have told him to tell people that! Despicable!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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:) Yes, they told me that too, yesterday 7/11/12. LIARS.

They also lied and said AMC removal was due to contract dispute. BULL. I found out online it's because DISH is a defendant in lawsuit filed by Rainbow HD Holdings, a subsidiary of AMC, for breach of contract going back to 2008 that's going to court in September. DISH pulled AMC to strong arm AMC, lying to consumers that it was "contract negotiations." LIARS LIARS.

I have filed complaints all over place, they need to be sued by consumers.

Please contact: BBB, AMC, any BLOGS, Attorney General's office of your state, FCC and anyone else you can think of! ATTORNEYS, PLEASE CONTACT ME!

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