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After DTV doubled our bill, we asked a Dish Network rep several times if their bill would change or if it would stay at $35 for the two year contract. He assured us it wouldn't change, but it turns out, we were getting a $15 credit for the first year.

After talking to their customer loyalty department and 3 supervisors (the 1st 2 hung up on me), I got no where. I was told it was my fault for not reading my contract.

If my $15 extra a month is worth more than my customer satisfaction, that's really sad. They have us roped into a two year contract and they could care less that we were lied to in order to get us to sign the contract. I asked for them to review the phone call, but get this, they don't "record" or "keep" their calls. Convenient. Buyer beware. DTV has sent us a bunch of offers, including buying us out of our contract. : ).. Hmm. Might be doing that soon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Customer Care.

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Hello! This is Dan Busa with DISH Network Customer Support. I apologize for any confusion with the initial offer you were made. Unfortunately, the promotional rate that you were given is only good for a twelve month period. I would like to discuss this further to see if we can get this resolved. Please e-mail me at

Daniel Busa

DISH Network

Customer Service

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