Dish network sold me a 2 year contract for TV service. At installation, was not as agreed upon so called and compained.

Even though saleman from Dish repeated exactly what I ordered. Dish says his mistake is nt ther problem and I need to sent them $100 more. Supervisor din't help and when I asked to cancell my 4 hour contract I was "disconeted" with no call back.

A very dishonest company, and they claims the other company gets a D- in service.

Will sell you anything but not deliver on agreement. You have nothing in writing utill they get your money and then you are ----out of luck

Review about: Dish Network Tv Service.

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I have had TWO ViP722's fail with bad hard drives. EACH time I have insisted on being sent a 722K as a replacement.

EACH time they promise that is what they are shipping but never do!! This time when I called back after they set up the order for only a 722 and I talked to a supervisor that got it escalated and promised I would get a 722K.

Now they appear to have gone ahead and shipped the 722 and not the 722K. They all continually lie so I guess the only real recourse is to just cancel service and move to Direct TV.


Dish lies! They promised if I moved and didn't get a signal they wouldn't charge me for cancellation, now that I moved & don't get a signal they say it isn't their problem * they won't help me & we very nasty on the phone.


I have never, in my life, come across such a low life pack of deceptive, evil liars. It’s as if they just have to lie with each breath. Not even a godless politician lies as foul and as much as the trash at Dish Network. That’s why I changed my credit card number and do paperless billing with these lying terrorists. Why would anyone trust such a load of godless liars as these with your credit card number? You might as well give your number to, Satin or any other type of politician. And NEVER, EVER call these lying trash bastards because with each call, you automatically set an upgrade in motion that you play *** getting off.

These bastards are the lowest form of puke on the earth. Even lower than politicians and Bill Collecting ***.


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