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And let me add. The $2800 dollar amount isn't a mistake.

I'm figuring by the time this is all said and done...that's what I'll be out! And based on what I've read about them ... they have unethical banking practices too! Going into to people's bank accounts and such!

Taking money for fees and even out of some accounts who fulfilled their contracts!!! A lot of noise on the internet about a class action lawsuit...DISH was already involved in one...AND LOST!!!

Original review posted by user Jul 13, 2013

Let start by saying I usually don't take the time to do this kind of thing...but if I can prevent even 1 person from entering into a "contract" with this "company"...then it's worth it!!! I called to price check Dish Network's bundle of internet and cable.

I was quoted 65.99 for three months and in three months if I canceled the freebies (HBO, Cinemax, etc) my bill would be approx $90. This was for internet and cable! I said yes! They gave me a confirmation number (turned out to be bogus), took my credit card, and the rest is history!

Next day crew comes out and puts in cable only. My husband questions this and is told "no internet is on the order!". He called me right away and I said this is a misunderstanding. So I called DISH...I was told I didn't order internet.

I asked them to get the recording (kept hearing that "all calls are recorded for quality")...me and the customer service rep talked about the internet installation several times. They then say ... "well, not ALL the calls are recorded". HOW Convenient!!!

The confirmation number...that didn't work either!!! After 3.5 hours on the phone...being transferred, hung up on, one person telling me there isn't any internet options in my area (even though I already know there is), I asked to cancel all together...They tell me "you signed a contract!!!" LOL...yeah and I didn't get what I signed up for...I wound up getting someone that said they would send someone out to my house the next day, install for free, and would be 49.99/per month. I gave in...fine. My husband works on the computer and we needed internet!

They come out and put up another DISH on our roof. Two DISHES!!! Two sets of workers traipsing through our house. We get our first bill...$218.00.

They charged for installation, they charged us for a surge protector that was paid for when the installers were at our house, and they charged my cable at 65.99 (what I was told was to include cable and internet during my initial call). And let me add...that calling this company is a joke!!! They transfer you...no one can help you...most of them are in another country or came from one...they make excuses and when you voice your frustration they say "you signed a contract". I told the last "supervisor" I talked to...yeah, I signed a 24 month contract...you think you got me for now, but I will tell everyone I know about this!

I will never refer anyone to DISH and after the 24 months is over...you lost me as a customer for life! I'd rather sit at McDonalds and use free WiFi and order Netflix than to give my money to a "business" with practices such as this...Please...take my warning...don't get DISH!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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Pearcy, Arkansas, United States #1216240

WOW thank all of you for letting people know about these frauds


These people should be hanged in the middle of street.

Arizona, United States #883358

Your promo credit, including Internet, for the first twelve months, without extras like dvr and receiver, is $89.98 per month. Seems dead on with what you said they told. This sounds greatly like a case of misunderstanding on the consumer part.

Stuarts Draft, Virginia, United States #702090

First off if you look at the second picture you posted yes it says one time charge for dishnet activation but it also says it was waived...the only thing u were charged were prorated charges which means you were charged from the day the service started until the end of the billing cycle

Aurora, Colorado, United States #683853


I am sorry to hear you have had some issues in regards to the billing. Unfortunately, I am not able to locate an account with any information in this article. If you could email me your 16 Digit account number, or phone number, I would be happy to look into this matter for you. You can send it to the following email address:


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